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I got on the scale 3 days ago and, alas, I hit my 20 lb. loss mark! I was so excited, I overate for three days and gained 3 pounds back. But, I didn’t just eat the way I had been eating the prior three months, I ate some pasta and bread—gluten! I feel awful. Not just psychologically, because I have back-peddled, but my stomach aches, my belly is bloated, and I can’t think straight. All of my symptoms have been chemically and physiologically related to eating wheat. If you haven’t tried going gluten free, you may want to try the diet after reading this blog.

For ten years I had been experiencing IBS symptoms, migraines, and developed a bad arthritic condition, specific to my right hip flexors. After eating, I always felt sick to my stomach, acidy, which would lead me to eating more carbohydrates to settle the discomfort. After entering my forties, I wasn’t able to slough off the extra pounds so easily. And, unfortunately, the weight collected around my belly, no matter how many abdominal exercises I did. Also, the aches continued to worsen, even though I did yoga 3-5 times a week.

Here is the scientific low down on gluten:

1.) All of today’s wheat has been genetically modified (MGO), which causes a chemical similar to an opiate to react with your brain. Scientists from the wheat industry modified many years ago wheat to keep us eating those bad carbohydrates.

2.) A syndrome called “wheat belly” is common in people who eat or drink too many wheat products. Basically, this is a potbelly (from beer, vodka, and too many carbohydrates). Sorry, friends, most vodka and beer are made from wheat. However, the good news is that there are some beer and vodka that is gluten free now.

3.) Systemically, wheat belly causes an acid base, first, in the stomach, then in the entire body. An acidic body causes pains, aches, and an inability to heal efficiently.

4.) Your brain is also effected by this GMO wheat. When you eat wheat, free radicals flow to the brain, linked to many brain diseases: dementia, migraines, Alzheimer’s, and depression, to name a few.

I, personally, found that after being gluten free for just two weeks, almost all of my stomach symptoms went away. I began to feel that my mind was clearer and my migraines—which were happening 2-3 times a week—have gone completely. I, also, began to see a major difference in the arthritic condition in my body. After 3 months, I can do poses in yoga I haven’t been able to do for ten years.

So, why would I “choose” to eat wheat after 3 months, losing 20 pounds, and feeling so much better? The syndrome is called “a habit.” Habits are not just connected to your deductive brain, they are a neurological problem, as well; especially when chemical dependency is your problem. If you think you can WILL yourself to quit smoking, stop using drugs, or lose weight, you are probably wrong. I have been a hypnotherapist for over 20 years, helping people make effective change. The constant in this process is the inability to keep your habit changed for 2-3 years. Scientists have recently proven that specific to weight loss, the body and brain continue to want to return to homeostasis, which means it resists change for up to 3 years. So, your diligence to keep the change happening (diets, alcohol or drug free, smoke free) for that long is imperative to making lasting change, especially with diet.

So, will I go back to being completely gluten free today? You bet my ass I will!


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