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Everyday, I look at myself in the mirror, especially in the morning, and find new age spots, wrinkles, extra weight, hair loss in places I want hair, and hair accumulating in my nose and ears. Growing older takes patience! Everyday, I must decide I’m not just dying, but actually here on the earth to make an impact and to learn my daily lessons—especially about being compassionate to others and myself. If I don’t remind myself of these facts, I might spend the day trying to counteract the aging process for my Ego’s sake with facials, massages, creams, and the like.

I’m usually the person in the room who is always cold. I wear sweaters in the summer in air-conditioned places. In the winter, if I’m in the north, I have one more sweater, layer and coat than most people. However, yesterday, the entire day I sweated like a pig in heat. I had to apply deodorant five times, because I smelled of Lipton onion soup. I was disgusted with my body.

I happened to be having dinner with a doctor friend that evening, who checked my blood pressure. It was 179 over 120, which is really, really high. He asked me a series of questions about drugs and medications I had been taking, trying to decide if anything would be affecting my heart. However, when he asked me the questions, I didn’t realize that I had been using a holistic cure for stomach acid in the form of Sodium Bicarbonate, sometimes 3-4 times in a day. I had forgotten that the salt content could affect my blood pressure. Worse yet, I have been watching my sister with congestive heart failure and my mother who has recently had a triple bypass do the same thing as I. Crazy us!

In a time when our bodies are becoming more and more fragile, we should be careful about everything we put in our mouths, including holistic cures. Western medicine may be corrupt in many ways, but it has taught us the mechanics of how the body reacts to certain drugs and chemical stimuli, including vitamins and herbs. A good way to live and age gracefully is to use holistic medicine to prevent problems. But when the issues occur, we may consider that western medicine can provide the cure we may need in that moment. For me, I was happy for the advice to get back on the Statins that I had been prescribed. My heart rate was normal this morning and I don’t feel restless and hot anymore.

Maybe old age isn’t so bad. Time has actually given me some sense balance along the way.



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