An Apocalyptic Vision—What About the Children?

Hopefully, as a whole society, we will see the importance of creating a positive and peaceful alliance with our children to keep our future secure. I believe if we don’t want to see an apocalypse in our obscure future, we need to fulfill our duty to upbraid the negativity of gangs and prejudice and bullying, and honor the positive ways each child creates to align with his or her spiritual destiny. We do this, of course, by being the most authentic person we can possibly be with them, never hiding our truths and honoring the fact that each, indeed, deserves our honesty and love.

A scripture from the bible in the book of Joel has been going through my mind. Joel 2:23-32 exclaims that “God will restore the years of the locust” or the destruction God had caused for the sake of the Jews emancipation from Egypt. I wonder if Spirit intends to fulfill this scripture by influencing the children of our future in new and wonderful ways.

When a scripture or a passage from a book or a song goes through my mind, I often believe it is another way that Spirit can open our hearts to a message the universe needs us to hear.

I went to my partner’s church today. (For the time being, we are still bouncing between two churches, trying to figure out how, or if, to merge our spiritual paths.)

I didn’t realize it was the Children’s Sabbath tonight. Actually, I have never even heard of this occasion, but I like it. Today at Glendale Baptist Church, the children gave most of the sermon, which was inspired. The crux of what was said was about our responsibilities as adults to share with the children our views, morals, love, disgusts, and thrills, so that each child can have the opportunity to see through the eyes of experience what to believe and have plenty of options for the future.

The young boy chosen to speak on behalf of the children’s ministry was so articulate when he spoke of ideas that we might not expect a child to notice. He asked if it was okay to cheat a little if no one was looking. He asked if it was okay to talk poorly of politicians when they don’t favor our point of view. He asked if we could explain how it was okay to entertain a detrimental habit and should he expect to do the same as an adult?

Every question made me squirm, as I know I have not been the model citizen for our children. Though I tend to want kids to like me, I don’t often scold or admonish them to act in any certain way. I try always to be compassionate and nonjudgmental, probably because I felt so judged as a young child growing up gay. Compassion is definitely a good thing for them to see, but I wonder how much acquiescing I have done to their detriment.

I pray that in fulfilling the prophecy of Joel that I become more open and responsible for what I portray as an adult in a world where the many choices before me can often become self-centered and judgmental. Should I breathe into my life with an omniscient perspective, I hope to realize that my life is, and has been, a bright light for those coming up behind me.

These lights will be those who will lead or destroy the future as know it. So, today, take into account: What about the Children?


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