“And He Walks With Me”

The most we can do as humans is walk along side of someone. Unless we are in utero—in Mom’s belly, we can’t jump into someone’s marsupial pouch and walk in them. We must walk near, next-to, or with someone. That’s the best even a compassionate partner or parent can do. Walking AS them is like identity theft. Yet, with Spirit God, we are told to have “this mind that is in Christ Jesus” and to “find it not robbery” to do so.

In other words, Spirit God doesn’t want to walk “with us” as the old hymn suggests. God wants to walk in us, AS us! “The kingdom of God is within you.” (Luke 17:21) That’s a huge step to take as a believer. In fact, the first time I heard someone preach about this important God step in our walk toward spiritual maturity, I felt sick to my stomach.

“Really?” I asked. “This can’t be right. I must be reading something amiss.” But, as I continued to reread Philippians 2:6-7, there it was, as plain as the paper it was written on.

As a writer, I have learned to reread words over and over again looking for deeper meanings and possible ways to make the words speak more clearly. As an editor you can do a.) developmental editing, b.) substantive editing, c.) copyediting, or d.) proofreading.

Developmental editing is to work with someone to develop a manuscript that is basically just bones with no flesh on it. A substantive editor will take an entire book, look at each chapter and try to find an overview of the problems in the book, such as plot, accomplishing what you set out to say, or placing chapters in a different order. As a copyeditor, you simply look at editorial mistakes: “with whom,” instead of “with who.” Proofreading simply is looking for typos.

As I take a clearer look at the difference between acting “with” God, and acting “as” God’s emissary, I find two very different approaches to life. In fact, with this one small operative word, everything in my life can change. The word responsibility comes into play, more than it ever has with this change.

I remember when my dad discovered he had had three months to live, because of pancreatic cancer. This was eleven years ago when most pancreatic cancers had no treatment. He asked the family to leave the room and wanted to speak to only me in his hospital room. When we got alone, he said to me, very deliberately, “After I’m gone, it is now your responsibility to take care of your mother and four sisters!” He passed on his cloak of responsibility to his youngest son, not his oldest son. He was very clear about whom he needed to take over for him. I felt this exact same feeling when I studied Philippians 2:6-7. What would it be like to take the responsibility of God and be a living, walking, breathing conduit of God’s kingdom on earth?

With that being said, every day I find myself changing my prayers to accommodate my new thinking. I now begin a prayer by respecting this new power of being a human conduit of God’s power. I say words such as “Unlimited God of the Universe, thank you, for placing your power and light within me. I want to be a responsible conduit of your awesome compassion and love today.”

Why have we been reaching outside for the power to heal ourselves and change the course of humanity, when Jesus said, “Physician, heal thyself!” We have been imbued with all of the power of Christ Jesus. So, this Christmas, let the birth of the Christ be a significant one for you. See this birth existing inside of your humanness, as a seed ready to grow as God’s light and love. Become the Son or Daughter of God that you were destined to be.

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