Angels All Around You

The word angelos in the Greek means messenger or angel, which really is a transliteration of the word in the Greek, just taking off the –os at the end and creating an English word that ascribes the meaning scholars believed it to be.

Personally, angels are all around us, in the form of people, animals, spirits, loved ones, and sometimes enemies. The Christian bible at point takes the word “angelos” and translates it as our English word spy in Luke 9, where Jesus sends out messengers ahead of him to check out Jerusalem.

In other words, angels are sent by God to do many works. But the key is that their main attribute is to do God’s work, whether it be give a message, do a job, save someone or bring back a message to someone. They could be angels of the human form or of the spiritual form. When you release your idea of what they should be, then you notice that many people are acting on God’s behalf to get you where you need to be each day of your life.

I think about how many times I have been saved by angels. This time I’m talking about the unseen ones that seem to have stopped a car centimeters from a complete collision. Or when they seem to lead you out of a lost place by putting a guide in front of you who knows the way. Or it may be one who comes in the night telling a message of good news or sharing a warning.

For the unaware they think it is coincidence. But for me, I’m absolutely, positively sure we have guardians in the spirit world that help us out in our times of dire need and most especially when God needs us to be somewhere for a perfect union of spirit and human experience.

The wonderful thing about angels is that we will never have any proof that they exist except for in our own spiritual prowess. Many times in the Christian bible we are told that the angels can work on our behalf. All we need to do is ask. So, as a practice, I ask angels to help me with my work. I ask them to go out daily and find people who may need my help and bring them to my door. I ask them to provide for me and for friends and family. I ask them to help the sick, to give guidance to the lost, and most importantly to help with people on their spiritual journey.

I hear story after story of people coming to me for help because they had had a deep unction to do so by God. Just last night someone shared that she called me initially and didn’t get an answer. So, she hung up. Then she called another hypnotist and got an answering machine. Then the interesting thing happened: her heart clearly said, “Call Bo Sebastian back!” When she did, I actually answered the phone. This was a time in this woman’s life when she needed to talk to someone about a cancer she was just diagnosed with. I remember the phone call. I remember being caught up in something, but being compelled to answer the phone instead. When we got together that week for an appointment, deep healing happened. It was God from the moment the angels began their work. This person is now one of my dearest friends and completely healed.

There are no accidents with God. Some people call these times when angels intervene and make magic happen on earth: synchronicity. I’m a firm believer that when synchronicity happens in your life, you are exactly in the place you are to be as far as your spiritual walk. So, begin to look for synchronicity every day, in nature, in deed, and as people speak or call you on the phone. When you are in the flow of spirit, synchronistic events happen all the time.

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