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I’m not one to dwell on theory and specific scriptures in the bible to make a point or even to create factual evidence for anything I believe. Humans wrote the bible, transcribed it, and the Catholic counsel of Trent took away parts they didn’t believe were holy. After that, it has been tampered with by men and rulers who didn’t want certain scriptures to be found, some of it hidden in scrolls in the Vatican, and some lost in the Dead Sea. Who knows what they all mean? However, sometimes its interesting to look at the different religions and believes, to see how they differ. The belief in angels and spirits is one of those places in religions that has quite the religious spin, if you will.

In the Catholic tradition, and perhaps some other Christian faiths believe in spiritual principalities and dominions of angels. A bible quote says that there are celestial beings, angels in heaven and dominions, and powers, and virtues. Even in Wikipedia, angels and spirits are explained in order of the first sphere being Seraphim, Cherubim, then thrones or Orphanim. The second sphere is Dominions or Lordships, Virtues or Strongholds, then Powers of Authority. The third and final sphere in the heavens is said to be Principalities or Rulers, Archangels, and then angels. Most of this theory was based on Thomas Aquinas’s book Summa Theologica, written in the fifth century and based its studies on two books of the New Testament: Ephesians 1:21 and Colossians 1:16.

So, by my cursory look at this, I have been praying to the lowest of all the dominions in heaven to help me on my path here on this earth. I always thought that angels were up in heaven at the right hand of God. But when you study Colossians and Ephesians, you see that many dominions and powers are said to be with God, and some are doing the work of principalities and powers to create the negative and hardship, as in the Book of Job in the Old Testament, when God called forth power to smite the brilliant Job and test his will and love for God. And some are working to aid us in our every day life.

Most people I know believe that these spirits and angels walk with us on another spiritual plane and guide us from tragedy, intercede on our behalf, and will actually keep us out of harms way, should it happen out of the will of God. I know I have had plenty of times when I should have been dead, had it not seemed like something celestials stepped in and stopped my car or another car with in centimeters of colliding with me. I’m sure all of you have stories like this, but not many have answers or reasons why they simply believe something exists with us.

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