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I have a few good friends whom I’m afraid to say the word God in front of because they have been so broken by the paradox of religion and self-righteous, political behavior, that they really can’t seem to delineate a spiritual experience from church ideation! For those and, if you know someone in this circumstance, this blog may be for you!

Auspicious Breath
When you arrive in this world, the umbilical cord gets cut, and the human baby takes the first breath of life. This breath begins to animate and move the child without the need of its mother’s life source. It becomes individuated and autonomously human.

Conversely, when one gets to the end of life, the last event is when the breath empties from the body as a final exhale. The dead body lies limp and emptied of animation. If any of you have ever witnessed someone’s last breath, the paradox of life and the breath becomes so clear during those precious moments.

So, what about the breath is so auspicious and magical that it can give life and take it away in seconds? In my estimation, the paradox of spirituality is represented here in the process of the breath and in the science of the human body.

I look at the body as a brand new computer with software, but no programming or information attached. As soon as the breath of life enters the body is the time when the programming begins. The first smiles, the first hugs, the first kisses—or the first cries with no answer, the first hunger with no food is what begins to create neural pathways in the brain that will function as internal memory and triggers throughout the entire pathway of human life.

So, the process of making sense of how you react and your responses to typical behavior can likely be vested in your initial attachment to human life—through no fault of your own has been etched into your mainframe. When I look at life like this, I can’t help but to see that I have an observer self, something that controls my breath, my behavior, and my thoughts that can override what has been processed as data in my brain and humanness. In this observer side, I begin to recognize that I have a higher state of mind that is not just my physical response unit or computer generated impulses.

When I spend time manifesting and staying in this observer mind, such as in yoga, meditation, or quiet walks, I get to know this higher Me. I notice immediately, like an observer standing atop a bridge, watching the fish swim upstream, that I am no longer my thoughts, like the fish swimming beneath, but more the observer of the entire flow of life. This very likely could be like the fish swimming upstream and against the natural course of energy.

I have always felt like a foreigner in this body, someone who can’t seem to make sense of humans and their behavior. This is what brought me to my belief about spirituality. If you want to try and discover the difference between spirituality and church, you may just want to look between your own ears. Ask yourself a few pertinent questions starting with: Who is questioning my own behavior or thoughts?

For many years I wouldn’t put up a Christmas tree or color eggs at Easter, because my dad was a perfectionist who made the holidays intolerable. Four years ago, I decided to put up a tree and create my own ritual around Christmas, much like the many years ago I decided to release my old paradigm of a judgmental God and religion for the pure state of spiritual awareness. In so doing, I was able to realize that even spirituality and church can be recreated according to our own beliefs, not the past. If you try this, you may discover a part you that has yearned to break free and fly into the sky, like a butterfly breaking through the hard crust of a cocoon waiting for its wings to dry.

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