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My friend, Jana Stanfield, wrote a song called “If I Were Brave.” The lyric says: “like the mighty oak sleeps in the heart of a seed, there are miracles in you and me!”

Imagine the truth of this statement. Oaks are one of the greatest and largest trees. All of the potential of that greatness exists in not only the seed, but, also, the will to plant that seed.

The same is true of our own greatness. We all have the potential to be great, but are we planting the seeds for our greatness to express in and through us?

You might ask: how do I begin with this task of finding my own greatness? The moment is now. All you have to do is believe. But believing is not the easiest task when obstacles such as paying the bills, illness, and other’s needs and desires are blocking every doorway, it seems. But, honestly, your first step is the easiest one: believing in yourself… in your potential. Then, you must spend time, daily, imagining that greatness expressing through you.

I never want to limit the power of Spirit through me, so my vision process is always: “I see this for myself OR SOMETHING GREATER.” This gives Spirit the power to intercede on my behalf and help the process in the heavenly realm. We want Spirit to be guiding us the entire time.

The stumbling block, however, can come when WISHING and ACTION do not go hand in hand. The power of a wish has action in Spirit, but it often requires you to take steps with your human feet. If you are too frightened to take those steps, you may completely inhibit every dream trying to manifest through you from the Spirit.

I heard yesterday in a sermon by one of my favorite speakers, Dr. Chris Michaels, that over one half of the Fortune Five Hundred Companies were started from people who have had very little start-up cash. They simply had a dream and a great deal of work ethic. Think of one of the richest men in the America and his story of starting Facebook. I saw the movie about Mark Zuckerberg. He was just a kid in college who had a great idea. The truth about his story is that he would not let anyone steal his dream, and many tried.

So, the steps to Anticipating Your Greatness could be reduced to just a few steps:

  1. First, know who you are and what you are made of: the molecules of God. You are a son or daughter made of Universal Love! (Not many of us had the gift of knowing this as children. Many of our parents did not understand how to inspire greatness.)
  2. Know that this same power that exists in Spirit, if harnessed, can create great things; first in mind, then in the world—THROUGH YOU.
  3. Begin to dream your dreams in meditation and in your quiet time. (You can start a vision board, which consists of pictures and words that you can glue or tape onto a corkboard or poster-board. You can place this somewhere in your home that you can see everyday to inspire you.)
  4. Then, when you feel the urge to begin the action part of manifesting a dream: go to class, call a potential client, apply for a job; you must actually step forward into the dream. Don’t think about anything but the action. Don’t even see the end results of the action. Just get used to acting on your impulses for your own good. (I have made plenty of calls and sent loads of letters that I never even heard about back from later. However, this does not mean that this seed did not get sown in the fertile ground of Subjective Mind and is now growing somewhere unbeknownst to me.)
  5. Alas, the last step: daily begin to confess your truth about yourself until you see signs of the manifestation. (The founder of the Centers of Spiritual Living, Ernest Holmes, says to “continue to pray until you see the manifestation of your truth.”)

I’m knowing that many of your will begin today to manifest your greatest dreams.


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