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I have written many blogs about the mysteries of spirit and how faith combined with meditation can help you resolve, at least, some mysteries in your lives. For instance, I have been trying to sell my house for 3 weeks now. I have had many viewers, but no buyers. Everyone, including my real estate agent, assumed that the house would sell immediately, because it’s in a great neighborhood, and I’ve spent the last 7 years creating amazing gardens and remodeling to make it absolutely perfect for me. Nonetheless, I have had to reduce the cost of the home by 10K just to keep people looking. My spiritual resolve bounces back and forth from anxiety to quiet, then back to stress, and more meditation, leading me again to faith.

Our human DNA is programmed to protect ourselves from dying and from lack. So, as I have practically closed up shop with my business in Nashville, I have been progressively making less money, counting on the sale of my house to give me my equity back to move forward with my new dream in Florida. However, this is not the highest will of God and Spirit, apparently. Otherwise, I would have had an offer by now. My goal as a spiritual seeker, is to discover what my lesson is in the midst of this trial. I prayed for wisdom in my meditation.

Yesterday I spotted a doe breaking through the brush aside the highway and barely making it past a fast-paced driving car in front of me. My mind went back to a time when my cousin, driving in a snowstorm, collided with a deer that jumped off of a Pennsylvania mountain cliff, paralyzing my cousin for the rest of her life and, of course, sacrificing its own life.

Deer in Indian mythology and archetypes are believed to sacrifice themselves to feed the people or are considered caretakers of the earth. Deer songs and deer dances are common throughout some regions of Mexico, with the deer frequently serving as a symbol of the people. But this deer actually caused great pain in many lives. I often wonder if we had checked the footprints above on the cliff, if the deer had been chased by a predator to come to its fatal destiny. No one ever checked. But, destiny is what it is? Right? Can we change our destiny?

So, in my quiet time, I heard a whisper that said, “Your time is coming in Florida, but your sisters and mother need space to work out some issues together, before you get there!” At face value, that seemed like a very pertinent word from God. I understand completely and wouldn’t want to ruin the perfect destiny of my mother’s and sister’s lessons by moving too quickly. So, I go back to recent archetypes in my life and the footsteps leading to lessons I never expected, nor would have chosen for myself.

The last time I moved was to Nashville from New York City. The move was horrific. My friend Kenny and I drove two separate vans with everything I owned in them, first, to Pittsburgh, to get what was left of mine at my father’s house. We stayed over night there and rested. Then, we continued on our path toward Nashville the next day. During that trip, we ended up driving 20 miles an hour through a blizzard in the mountainous areas of Pennsylvania. Kenny drove ahead of me. As I was fully intent on not wrecking my new van, I noticed a deer above us on the ledge of a cliff. Then, there were no cell phones or instant communication. I had no way of warning Kenny that deer was headed right toward him. In a flash, the deer jumped from the cliff, just like the story of my cousin, but instead of landing in his windshield, the doe landed just ahead, causing him to wreck his car.

I remember thinking, God, I know you have called me to this move. I feel it in every part of my body and mind. Why would you make this so difficult? I got no answer, then. Though Kenny’s van was badly dented, it was still running, so we proceeded to my father’s home. There, we were able to get the necessary mechanic to get us safely back on the road to Nashville.

Two or three days ago, I was taking a leisurely walk in a state park near my home and a baby deer was feeding on the path. The deer let me walk right up to it. I talked to it as I would my dog. It gazed up at me with large round, brown eyes, and then drifted away, leaving footprints in the muddy ground. As I observe the last few days of my life from a compassionate, omniscient perspective, I see that in the midst of my struggle to remain calm, because of my lack of control of a situation, I have seen metaphors and archetypes flash by me like dreams from the past. I prayed for the wisdom to help me make sense of them.

What I received is that each time I saw the deer, I had been on the right path, as they speak to me personally as a gentle reminder of God’s beauty and perfect poise and grace as I move through trials. Maybe, these gentle creatures have come to tell me that my story is unfolding before me, and that as a deer must forage through the woods finding food and water, so must I go to where my soul will be fed. As for the anxiety, that is just symbolic of my humanity. When I lose control of a situation, because of anchors from my past, I feel insecure and scared. Perhaps, my waiting in peace, will help me release the residual pain of the past, once and for all. That’s my hope. That’s my prayer.

So, sometimes in life, God and Spirit plant metaphors around you and archetypes to unfold the mystery of your present situation. If you have questions about your life, stay present and in the moment. When you see something unusual or dream of something specific, go to the Internet and search for the meaning. Many sites exist there that interpret dreams and give you spiritual archetypes for what you see. We are in a world now where nothing needs to remain a mystery—even your own trials. Namaste.


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