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Yesterday, I had a date with someone new—again! It was an initial date for coffee. Blah! Blah! Blah! On my way to the date, I felt sleepy, nauseous, and downright unwilling to open my heart to one more bad dating experience.

However, just as I was thinking the thought, I saw the most beautiful rainbow (Arco Iris in Spanish) begin from one end of Fort Lauderdale to the other side of Hollywood, from the ground, arc over the city, and then to the ground on the other side. Half of the arch in Hollywood even had a double rainbow.

I could not stop taking pictures of the rainbow. I wanted to capture the entirety of it from end to the other. Then I realized I, by taking pictures, I was missing the beauty. So, I sat there in complete awe trying to allow my heart to absorb all of the energy it held for me. Honestly, I had never seen a rainbow anywhere quite like this one. The colors were majestic from one side to the other. And it stayed in the sky for at least 10 minutes while I was driving.

In those moments, I began to thank the man who had invited me to coffee. Not for the date, of course, but I thanked him for getting me to that place on the highway to see this majestic, spiritual painting in the sky. For me, rainbows have always appeared in times when I needed a kick in the butt to help me remember that a divine promise exists in the entire universe for wholeness, truth, peace, and all of the prosperity I could ever want. The only obstacle to any of these things is my own mind and the strength I give the manifestations of my past. Before that moment, many manifestations of my past collected in my mind.

I went to the destination of my date, a Starbucks—of course, on Sunrise Boulevard. I sat in my car waiting for my date to answer a text for 15 minutes and was just about to leave, when I finally received a text back from the date. His movie had gotten out later than he had expected and he had his phone on silent. So, we met, had a nice talk, ended up sharing dinner and, also, decided to meet again today for a walk on the beach. Who knows.

But, and here is the big butt! I refuse to put any limitations on the present—today. I owe this feeling to the experience that I had last night with the rainbow. No matter where the experience takes me with this date, or any date for that matter, the lesson was learned.

Thank you God for my personal rainbow and for promises!


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