As Your Dreams Come True

From the moment I began writing Finding Authentic You Blogs, my life has changed by leaps and bounds. Every aspect of my personal and business life is different than it had been just three years ago. Sometimes, I have to pinch myself to actually believe that all of my prayers have come true. Living my dreams, if I feel afraid and unworthy, can become anxiety driven, if I don’t step out of my old paradigm of limit and prepare my heart for the great and perfect world of unlimited God and good!

Much of my life I have prayed and prayed without every really believing that my dreams could come true. The difference in my life, now, is the way I have prayed has changed. I now pray, believing that I am a part of the perfect and unlimited good of God. When I reach out from this circle of grace into the subjective field—the place where dreams manifest—I pray with the certainty that I am a co-Creator with Divine Consciousness, who is always ready to give me what I need, when I need it, and more than enough to share with all those around me.

Each discovery has brought with it a modicum of change, as the first book of “Finding Authentic You” was about effective change. This second book, which is now near completion, is more about changing your old story and believing and praying effectively for a new and wonderful life.

As I step into this new life with amazing gratitude, I now understand what people mean when they say that each day they feel blessed. Even when it storms, I find a way to uncover the great wonder that exists around me. My life begins and continues with my story I set in motion when I wake up in the morning.

Like most days, the first action I do is to sit up and meditate. I challenge my mind to stay present with my breath. I set a divine intention. Then, I sit with that intention, bringing to it mental equivalents such as thankfulness and feelings in my life that drew me to life’s simple, but magnificent beauty (like the beach, last night, as I sat watching the rolling waves wash into the shore on a bench just feet away, wrapped in the arms of someone I care about).

I am knowing that our lives—yours and mine—are like that sandy shore, just drinking up the living waters of life splashing with delight into our lives, always ready to grace us with the precious power, peace, love, and joy we deserve. You ARE your dream now, as am I. SO IT IS!

Coming Up: Catching a Glimpse of Grace!

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