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Most times in Life Coaching and often in therapy, underneath every problem is a need to be understood and heard. Some part of you hasn’t gotten to have its say or have an opinion. So, this means that you have stuffed down what you feel into a place that can no longer manage holding your pain. This way of managing your thoughts and feelings can only lead to anxiety, stress, and most times addiction. So, first thing on your list of “to do’s” today: Find a way to be heard!

For me, I write. I have found a considerable amount of thrill in the ability to be completely transparent as a writer. Often, I will give my clients the exercise to simply write to a person he or she is angry with. Start with the words! Express yourself in a way that shares exactly what you feel. I wouldn’t recommend sending that version of your feelings to anyone. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend sending an email or a letter to anyone you have harsh or hurt feelings with. This is what telephones and visits are for. In this age of social media, we too often send off a flippant e-mail or letter, then, we actually give away our power in the doing.

When you have no response from someone who has hurt you, after you have exposed your feelings, often, the result can be worse than expressing your feelings. No, you need to get in there and face your demons. Now, if your anger is with someone who has passed on, then you have the option of finding a surrogate person, often a therapist, to share your hurt with. In hypnosis, sometimes we can imagine so deeply that you face your antagonist that, when you awake from your trance, you feel as if something deeply has changed in your subconscious mind around the hurtful situation.

Being heard is a great goal today. Find a way to simply let someone know how you feel. This may be a person you have been wanting to meet, a friend who has been sucking away your energy, or a family member who has taken advantage of you. Then, on the opposite end of the spectrum, tell someone today how good they have made you feel, as well. If someone in the service industry does something extraordinary and has gone out of his/her way to make me feel welcome, taken care of, or has been compassionate; often, I will tell them they have made my day or a tell one of the supervisors of the great work. This can change someone else’s day complete. You’ll find that the more you do this good kind of sharing, the better people treat you. With what measure you give out, you shall also receive.


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