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A friend spoke to me about his inherent problem with fear of rejection. I was brought to compassion by the way his entire life had revolved around this extreme fear: his lack of prosperity, he is still a virgin at 33 years old, so, obviously no relationship, his inability to move past a job that has nothing to do with his college degree, and he still lives at home with his mother. Obviously, his fear has him completely stuck in life. So, how would you begin to explain to this person WHO HE IS and why he is not the fear he thinks he is?

First of all, this man is not his human body. This man is made entirely of Spirit, which has no fear of anything. Everything is made up of Spirit. He is unified with every person he meets, because he has the same spiritual make-up as any other person on earth. So the God in any person cannot reject the God in him. God cannot reject God. This is an impossibility.

Helping someone see that he or she is not simply a body is the hardest part of my work. The best way to explain to someone is by using this example: when you wake up in the morning, if you have had a good sleep, you may need to ask yourself the questions: “Where am I, who am I, and what is the day today?”

When our spirits leave our bodies to sleep, we lose connection with our physical body and our humanness. Sometimes this happens in extremes. As yesterday, I was so out of my body during meditation that I had to look around me for 15-30 seconds and figure out where I was, and ultimately, Who I was. This happens a lot more to me as I begin to observe my own humanness in meditation. It is as if I am enough disconnected to observe my human paradigm enough to affect it with change, positive prayer, and right action.

The idea is that the more you recognize that you are a Spirit inhabiting a human body, the less you fear about the human paradigm. You may often think about why you are on this earth at this time. You may consider why you have suffered in your life? Is it to ready your self with the compassion needed to help the earth enter into more positivity and out of its vast negative nature? I certainly hope so for all our sakes.

Last night’s news was enough to make any person fearful of life. But, as I watched, I knew that I was safe. How did I know that? Because I am! I have been made for this moment. When I cease to be needed on earth, my life will simply cease as well. I have no fear of that consequence. But, counterintuitively, I do want to understand my purpose each day and be all that I can be for the earth.

So, that I may continue to be led by Spirit for every moment, not just one particular moment time, but every second of every day, I continue to meditate and ask for guidance. I want to be present.

The more I experience this moment fully, the less fearful I am of this moment.

I can’t feel the moment if I am distracting myself with 100 different things: the radio, my cell phone, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… I am not saying these tools are not valuable, because they are. They connect all of the world now more than ever, as we need each other to support the good as well as be compassionate about the negativity. But we must be disconnected enough from the negativity to be effective spiritual workers.

As we are becoming more unified as a result of this amazing trend in electronics, we must still understand the focus of all this is to be sending positive energy out—not arguing about senselessness.

You cannot be positive if you are sitting in fear of anything. Work on your self and your fear, first. Deal with it, so that you can get on with your work here on earth.



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