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Yesterday, we talked about the first steps at becoming a spiritual adult. Today, I’ll continue the journey. If you missed Part I, go to http://findingauthenticyou.com/?p=15646. In today’s Discovery we’ll talk about how to overcome the hardest stumbling block—disbelief!

My favorite flowering tree is the Crepe Myrtle. I remember three years after I had moved into a new home, in the middle of the summer, noticing blooms at the top of two trees that were in the shade. As I investigated, I realized I had two very large, $500-1000 crepe myrtles hiding in the shade, which I had never noticed before. So, in the winter, I hired a gardener to dig them up and move them to a place in the front yard where I could enjoy their beauty and watch them thrive.

One of the trees transplanted perfectly. The other, however, never bloomed out the first year. In fact, it didn’t get any greenery. However, the roots and the trunk seemed to be alive and intact. Everyone looked at the tree and said it was dead; however, I would not believe it. I cut the tree back and began to tend to it, caring for it even harder for an entire year with only one sign that it was still alive—some small growth began to sprout from the base of the tree about midsummer. Today, the tree is not as large as the other, but it is alive and about half the size of the other, but flowers beautifully every year.

I tell you this story, because the faith that it took to care for that tree reminds me of the faith you need to follow a dream that looks like it may be dead, or worse yet, one in which everyone in your life reflects negativity in the face of your belief. I was steadfast when anyone would say something negative to me about the tree. “We’ll see,” I’d say with a smile. “Miracles happen. Life sometimes fools you.” I can’t tell you how many people, gardeners even, told me to cut down my dream. But I never did.

Much of being an adult spiritually is about realizing one thing only:

That the human world and all of its effects are more of an illusion than a reality. What you see physically in front of you is more about the mental process of using your personal past to identify what you see, presently. So, ten people could, possibly, identify the same object through different lens, causing ten different reactions, because each of identify the physical through the lens of what we know from our past. If you past is laced with trauma, you probably see completely different than someone born with a silver spoon.

As I have been practicing meditation for years now, I realize one important fact: The longer I meditate, the more I learn to stay in the observer part of my brain, which gives me the opportunity to look at life through a different lens—the lens of Spirit. So, when something perceivably bad happens that could be a stumbling block, I go into my observer place and watch, instead of react. If I stay in the observer mind long enough, eventually, I realize that the perceived negativity is usually a gift.

People around me often say, “How did you not react to things in life?”

My answer is always the same, “My initial anxious reactions have never helped me in my life. So, I realize that not reacting and trusting that Source is always leading me toward my highest and best, help me to live in a more peaceful, prosperous place.”

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