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I often use the metaphor of creating a garden to tell the story of planting your seed thoughts into the subjective consciousness of the Universe. Often, when someone sees the word subjective, she stops there and begins to misunderstand the concept. So, first, I want to simplify the concept of subjective consciousness to the “unformed energy in the mind of Source.”

You and I are a part of Source. We have been given a creative mind. Even the bible says that “we are created in the image of God.” So, to use this creative source, we must learn to take thoughts and turn them into substance! This important idea in the mind of Source is helping is children in creation learn to master their human existence. This is what you’ve been praying about your entire life and don’t know it.

When you complain about not having enough, not attaining your dreams, not being or doing what you really want; you are, in turn, saying, “I don’t have control over the energy that creates my life!” So, let’s learn, together, how to use this creative energy called Subjective Mind!

First, you must confess for certain what you know. Everyday! “I know that the sky is blue and beautiful. God (or whatever you want to call Creator) is this sky. God is love. God is all things present and past and in the future. Yes, God is even those things that we may see as negative. God is all in all (period).”

Next, you must know that since God is all things, and you are part of all things, then you are part of God. (A=B, B=C, then A=C). Feel connected to Source. Confess it to yourself. I am expressing as God, in God, of God on this earth.

Then, be grateful for all that you have. In other words, count your blessings. Even the things you don’t understand, become thankful for them. If all things are God, and God is love, then even your enemies have purpose and divine reason in your life.

Finally, and this is the fun part, you get to play in the playground of God, in the unused energy of the universe. I think of myself playing in a huge bounce house with all kinds of different colored balls (or energy). I can shape and form this energy into anything I want. I can take this energy with me when I go. I can give it to people. I can store it under my bed when I sleep, so that I can dream about it. I can plant it and watch it grow in the mind of God.

In this final place is where we become co-creators with God. The entirety of your human existence is dependent upon understanding your place in the universe as a co-creator. If you live your entire life and never learn Who you are, it would as if you had a child who was brilliant. He decides he enjoys shooting up heroin, instead of using his intelligence to become a responsible adult. His choice will never bring him to his divine destiny. Ultimately, he may even die never having experienced the power true adulthood.

So, today, start with these initial steps to becoming a spiritual adult. We will continue tomorrow with some more steps about creating your beautiful dreams.

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