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Even a broken clock is right two times a day. The only difference between perfection and having faults is your acceptance of either. The incredible Olympic diver, Greg Louganis, said about his life with his difficult coach (paraphrased): even though every day he forced me toward perfection and humiliated and pushed me to my limits, I would never be the diver I had become. Even still, as I’m sure Greg feels now, perfection didn’t make him happy or complete his soul… His moment of power came when he hit the diving board, got low scores, and bled into the pool drops of his imperfection, which led him to a life that changed the world forever. He came out of the gay closet and shared his incredible story about being HIV positive. His perfection as a diver left people speechless, but his imperfection changed the way the world thinks!

I consider perfection daily. My dad forced our entire family toward perfection. As a result, I worked very hard to be the one to whom he never aimed his fiery darts. So, that meant being flawless daily! I was the perfect son. I never got in trouble, never smoked, drank, always got straight A’s, and said the right things. Even so, things didn’t always go my way. As we all know, perfection is an illusion.

I remember after getting a 4.0 throughout high school, I had a deviated septum operation that took me out of school for three weeks. During that time I had to make up a great deal of schoolwork while I was very sick. As a result, I got two B’s on my report card that term, which made me go from being first in my class to fourth. I was absolutely, utterly devastated. I begged the two teachers to change my grades, to let me do extra credit to change my grades. One teacher acquiesced, the other didn’t. So, as a result, the perfection I worked for my entire high school career, went from number one to number three!

I sat with the feeling of losing what was mine for years. I thought, for too long, if I’m not perfect in every way, I won’t be liked, I’ll lose what’s mine, and I’ll never attract anyone to my life who is worthwhile. So, I spent many years sword fighting with the wind.

The truth is you have to TRUST YOUR HOPES, NOT YOUR FEARS.

As for perfection, if you can’t hide your faults: Paint them chartreuse!


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