Belief Comes First

The Law of Cause and Effect happens in a way where the Conscious Mind thinks a thought, a dream, perhaps. Then as that seed is sown in the subjective mind—the place where clay is just waiting to be molded into reality—belief begins to take on form. I cannot think of one thing in my life where an action appeared before I thought of it.

Even if you struggled believing in something, it may have appeared in your life, because “with faith the size of a grain of mustard seed,” your belief moved mountains to make your dreams appear into existence. Imagine what would happen if you actually believed this principle and acted on it every day with affirmative prayer and affirmations. Your life would be filled with all of the beauty that you hoped for and deserve.

But, it takes a spiritual grown up to begin to understand the power that each of has as a piece of God. In Philippians 2, Paul tells us: “Let this mind be in you, which is also in Christ Jesus, who being in the form of God thought it not robbery to be EQUAL with God.” (Yes, I’m quoting the bible. Paul says that we should not think it robbery to manifest the power of God.) Who, if not us, the sons and daughters of God, should have the power of the universe? You have to get it this believe that God wants you to be a grown up spirit taking on the mind that Jesus took on, the creative mind that manifested in miracles and power. If you feel fear about even speaking this, you will not see your grown-up power manifest.

I spent many years floundering around prayer and my place in the kingdom of God. Coming into my power took looking at the Laws God set forth for anyone and everyone to use. When I stepped forward, I recognized my power and began to use it, I became a different man immediately. You would think that with this kind of power one would be greedy. But, no, you marvel in the greatness of God, every time you are led to pray with power and the manifestation of your prayers appears before you.

Trust me, friends, you will never understand your power as a child of God unless you recognize that you are not walking WITH God on this earth, you are an emissary of God, walking AS God on this earth. With this power, you can say to the mountain, “Be moved!” And, that mountain will move. Remember, all Jesus said was that you need the faith the size of the smallest seed there is, a mustard seed. With this faith you can do works as great Jesus did.

Jesus was a way shower. He came to the earth to show us how to use the Law of God to move the earth forward. A great mystic once said that “if only 1000 people on this earth were using the Law as Jesus did, we would all live to see heaven on earth.” I totally believe this statement is true. I think our journey on this earth is much like the metaphoric journey to finding the Holy Grail. To get to the power of our existence, our mind and our motives will be tested at every turn, until we have walked with trepidation through the maze where the mysteries of the Holy of Holies sits. When we get to her, we will be prepared to understand these mysteries and be strengthened by the journey we have taken.

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