Believing a Lie

Barbara Bush once said about Bill Clinton: “A man might forget where he parks or where he lives, but never forgets oral sex, no matter how bad it is!” For a lie to be effective—even Bill Clinton’s—someone must believe it. Do you believe everything you’re told?

I have made a commitment to myself to believe nothing of the spoken word of any human being. Why? Because we are all fallible and not too many people really know the truth! I believe all of the truth is yet to be seen. So, I would say that I am one of those people who stays on the edge of belief until the proof smacks me in the face.

I remember a time in my life when I just moved back to Tennessee with my partner from NYC. We were so excited to start a new life together. But, someone close to us had started a terrible lie about us. (Is there any good lie?) So, the first few months of our move home were a complete struggle to regain our reputation as upstanding and honest people. Had my friends and even ministers stopped to consider that, at least, two stories exist in everything shared; then they may have talked to my partner or I before they believed the lie.

You may consider me a pessimist where truth is concerned, but I beg you listen closely. Even today’s daily news is rife with untruths that will be revealed to you tomorrow on the exact same newscast. Your mother or sister or best friend or lover will tell you something that has been eschewed from the truth, perhaps, to “protect” you from being hurt. We don’t know—ever—when we are being told the truth. Often, even a person who sincerely shares something like love and honesty is apt to change his/her opinion the next moment, the next day, or the next year. We all have that right to change our belief! So, what exactly is truth?

We have only one Truth we can absolutely rely on. This Truth is a Spiritual Law, and even this is ephemeral. We can believe that there is only one eternal spirit, omnipresent, powerful and compassionate, who gives us the power to create under this same spiritual laws of life. But belief must be accompanied by effect for it to be pertinent!

In other words, we can proclaim that we are whole and healed. But if we have cancer that won’t go away, then we are either believing a lie, or haven’t seen the effects of our treatment. This is our choice. To see life as truth by faith, or to see things eschewed by the human condition.

Today, imagine what life would be like if everything you saw was an illusion. What would you truly believe then? Remember, everything is changing. So, does it really exist beyond this present moment?

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