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This year, and any other year for that matter, billions of children will be hoping, wishing, and believing for the exact gift they have conceived in their minds all year for Christmas. I wonder how many children actually get the gift they asked for.

Conceptually, I bet the children who believed that they would receive their dream gifts and then received them are more likely to be getting what they want this Christmas and more often in their lives as adults.

You may ask yourself: But of the two children who set out to believe in the perfect gift, neither was wrong; yet, one received and one did not. One gained faith, and other began a descent into poverty thinking. What is wrong with this picture?

I cannot speak for the child who asked and received, but I do see this scenario all around me in children who believe in the magic of their parent’s deep pockets. I know that faith in this child, who receives much, is not tested yet. Maybe some day it will be, but not today. Because of the idea that you conceive something and then receive it, these children’s minds are set to believe in a great and prosperous future. Because faith is imperative in the process of attaining anything, these young adults will probably receive much of what they want.

But, the many children who did not get what he or she asked for, received an even greater gift. Those children now must build their own truth about faith and become stronger individuals to receive anything in life. I can speak for this child, because I was him. He was neglected. He asked and did not receive. Yet, for some reason, he still believed in a greater truth, one that did not depend on humans or parents to fulfill.

In the years of my childhood, I had grown up in poverty, but ended up moving with my mother, who chose to help me believe in more, even though we did not have much as far as money. Also, inside of me, I knew that if I could be smart enough that I could achieve great things. I am not sure who instilled this truth into me, but I am grateful for this concept that grew inside of me, even to this day.

However, what has happened over the years is that the “poverty thinking” that had been lodged in the mainframe of my consciousness had to be uprooted. However, the roots were deep. As much as I pulled them out, it seems they were like the weeds that have an abundant and prolific way of reproducing, even if the smallest of root is left there. So, during most of my life, I have had to overcome old, poverty thinking, each time I pursued something new in life, to actually receive the grand prize in the end. Sometimes I overcame; sometimes I did not.

What have these hard lessons taught me?

When I see young children receiving good, initially, I am actually happy for those children. Maybe these young spirits had already learned the lesson of faith and are off to a greater start in this lifetime than my spirit was on this particular human path. Our focus cannot be on what we see around us. It must continue to be on our lives and the lessons learned daily. Self is the only place to begin to unlock truth and build faith.

If today you struggle with believing, because you never received as a child; then today is also the today you can get the biggest gift you have ever gotten. You can believe that this is a new day. You are at the helm of the ship, steering your thoughts toward the belief that the Law of Prosperity must work for everyone, not just a select few. God does not say, “You receive gold and you receive ashes!” No Spirit wants all children to receive everything in the kingdom. However, some will receive it later as a result of hard learned lessons. Some will lose what they have not worked for, and learn even harder lessons. But, today, is your chance to prove the truth of Prosperity by initiating a new motto for yourself:

As much as I can believe; I can be!


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