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Nothing is more frustrating in life than putting all of your energy into believing in something… anything… and then watching it fall apart before you. Once, I got a book deal from a publisher. I signed the contract. I went through the long year of getting the book to press with lots of glitches. Finally, when it was time for my book to launch, that day the Nashville Flood happened. No one came to my launch. I sat on my porch and watched the rain wash away my dreams, it seemed. I didn’t have the answers then. But, today, maybe I do.

Later, the next year, in fact, the publishing company launched a campaign for my book, and that same book that lay dormant for a year landed on the New York Times Bestsellers list. But, until then, I think I sold about 100 books. One hundred books in a year was how my dream manifested for a long time, before something changed. What made the difference between one hundred books and a bestseller?

The bible says that God knows our prayers and answers them before we even ask. But, the substance with which answers are made can only respond to the power of our belief.

If, after the flood, I decided that this was the end of my book career, then the Universe would ambivalently respond in accord to my belief. If one day I say, yes, I want this. The next day, however, I say to Spirit, “I’m not worthy!” then the subjective matter with which makes prayers manifest doesn’t have a clue what to do. Because it is like the soil, it doesn’t have a decision making process. It is acting upon your belief system.

Remember, the Word of God, the Power behind prayer is what makes the universe. The subjective matter is like the soil. It can only respond to your word. So, even God cannot change the Law of that process. This is the Law God gave us to manifest as creators. He shows us this Law by It’s wonderful creation process of our amazing universe, which was set motion by the word. God didn’t say, “Let me make man in my imagine,” one day, then on day two say, “Hmmm. I’m not sure Man is a good idea!”

No, God set in motion the word into the subjective matter and continued to believe (perhaps for millions of years) that these seeds of truth would manifest into planets, life forms, and eventually man. Who knows. I wasn’t there, but that is what science says happened.

God wants you to have anything you desire. But, if you do not learn the Law of the Universe and continue to believe in your truth, then prayer becomes ineffective. How, then did my book get to the Bestseller’s list?

Good question. About a year later, I decided that I would not let what had happened in the past change my belief about this book. I had spent a lot of time and energy and money on creating the product, and I wanted it to succeed. So, I dug up all the weeds I had planted of unbelief, and began, again to sow seeds of faith. A couple of months later, the manifestation of my positive prayers came forward.

Sometimes, disasters happen in our lives to test our faith, to see if we really desire those things that we pray for. We must, in those times, really search inside and decide if what we want is solid and true. Otherwise, the flow of energy moving toward our manifestation—the dream itself coming alive, even if it is on the eve of the birth of your creation, will suddenly stop. This has happened to me countless times, enough times for me to realize that I am halting my own good from manifesting.

Only you can know the amount of unbelief you hold in your mind. Soon the unbelief will surface, though. You will face it and have to ask yourself: Is this what I really want? If the answer is, yes, no amount of adversity will stop the flow of energy toward your good. The reason I know this is true is because of the Law. Law cannot change midstream.

Look at the law of electricity. When you plug in your toaster, electricity does not say, “Oh, today, I think you do not need toast, because you are gaining weight.” No, if electricity exists in your power box, it will power your toaster. It must. Even if you truly need to lose weight. That’s the law. The energy to “not have toast” exists in your own decision making process.

The same is true for the Law of Cause and Effect in the Universe. Prayer (planting the seed with the Word) moves into the Subjective Matter (the soil—the Soul) and what happens next is a matter of time. Trust me, there is no amount of faith and human action that you can take that will grow that plant. The growth is done through Law by God. However, setting the Law in motion is yours for the taking.


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