#BigFreeze — Cold Weather and Carbs

Just yesterday, I flew in from Ft. Lauderdale. Before that, I was on a Caribbean cruise to St. Maarten and St. Thomas. When I got home to Nashville, the cold stung like 100 bees on my face and hands as I came into town dressed only in a sweater. I guess not too many people enjoy the freezing cold, especially those who live farther south, as I do. The only time I don’t mind the cold is when I’m skiing. Otherwise, I think I’d rather be a snowbird and fly into warmth for the winter.

I have much to talk about concerning the cruise, but I have promised the cruise line that I would wait three days before I divulge all that transpired—both good and bad. Today I’m going to deal with cold weather and our strong desire to load up on carbohydrates.

Ever since the temperatures began to drop, I have had a substantial desire to eat sweets and bread. Since I have been doing a gluten-free diet, my carbohydrate intake has been low, except for fresh vegetables and fruit. But just get me started with a piece of birthday cake, and I have trouble stopping after just one piece. Sugar and sweets are like opiates to everyone. Our brain responds with the same addictive urge as if we were on an addictive drug when we eat sugars and most forms of gluten. Wheat has been modified in such a way genetically (GMO) that even whole grain wheat berries act the same as sugar in our brain.

After much study about the brain and the way GMO wheat responds in our body, I have found that the only form of wheat we can eat without a terrible malfunction is sprouted wheat. For some reason, most case studies agree that the sprouted version of wheat is the safest to eat.

When I was on the cruise, I couldn’t find a lounge chair beside the pool on a beautiful sunny day. I walked around two swimming pools twice before I spotted an empty chair between an elderly man and a newly wed couple. As I lay my towels and bag down on my chair, I noticed that the elderly man was reading Grain Brain, which is the gluten-free bible to me. What were the chances, right?

We chatted for almost two hours. He actually is a physician turned holistic practitioner. What a delight to shoot the bull with this well-studied man on all the behaviors relating to wheat and gluten.

So, if you are experiencing a great surge of hunger for heavy and warm food, you are not alone in this cold. Our animal instincts take over, as our body desires to gain weight to stay warm. Succumbing to a small amount of grains or sugar is difficult because of the addictive nature of most carbohydrates such as bread and pasta, unless, of course, they are gluten free.

My advice is to try to avoid the first bite of anything tempting; otherwise, you set off a strong impulse-driven surge to eat everything in the house that resembles dessert!


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