Bloating Nothingness!

In a class about prayer, last night, our assignment had a passage from Ralph Waldo Emerson’s writings, which said: “When we stand in the light, we cast a shadow across the pathway of our own experience.” He then suggests that… “you get your bloated nothingness out of the way of the divine circuits.”

During our class discussion, some of the participants said that this bloated nothingness was nothing more than our Ego standing in the way of God’s perfect intention. Some said that it was our human self, with a small s. Some insisted that we get out of the way, entirely, from the process of the ONE spiritual power creating on earth.

First of all, I believe that we can only perceive a shadow in our lives, if we face AWAY from the light of God. So, our bloated nothingness may be simply that part of each individual that seeks to strive for an egocentric desire, outside the will of Spirit. In doing so, we can easily create a world made of ego matter, but we will, then, not be contributing to the greater good of Love on the earth.

What I learn from Emerson’s writing is simple: We know that Spirit is All Powerful and All Loving, and that we are a part of that love and power. We can use this power for good or for selfish, negative needs. The Law of this Loving power gives us the license to create without judgment—good or negative.

The decision to choose to live as a conduit for the Light of the Greater Good is up to you. When we pray or simply think thoughts, we are continually creating in our lives with the matter of our brains. The more passionate we get about the thought, the more creative energy moves toward that creative thought. So, if we are insistent that we are poor and everything in the world is against us, the Law of Love will allow you to create this effect in your life.

However, should you wish to create WITH the substance of love, you may be led by the wind and by the Divine current to move in a direction, different that you had initially imagined. This is the power of Love that can grow the plant, when the ego cannot. (We plant the seed. God grows the tree. God has the hard part.)

So, this loving power always wants you to be in joy and love; however, this power allows you the right to make your own choice in your thoughts and in prayers. The Spiritual power is intelligent and seeks to be led to the best through our intelligent use of this power.

So, don’t stand in the way of your greatest and best, by seeking the smallest good for yourself. Instead of praying for enough money to get you through the month, intend that all the resources of creation are working together for your good to always have more than enough to be happy, healthy, and peaceful. Get your bloated nothing thoughts out of the way of Unlimited Good, and you will find yourself richer and happier than you could ever possibly imagine.


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