Building Your Authentic Life: Part II

I don’t imagine that many people exist who can dream about a new life, try to implement it, and not be anxious about how it may turn out or when it will become a reality. Changing your life is difficult in that way. But, the outcome is dependent on our insistence on the truth and our pure belief of our new reality.

I’m not saying that any personal mantra can coerce the universe to change your path. No, the real answer lies in your belief of the Truth. This belief is more like knowing that when you plug in a lamp, the light will illuminate because of the law of electricity. There is no amount of coercion that exists here. Your belief is based on a simple knowledge of the law of electricity.

One other aspect to attaining your dreams is looking at what attracts “flies” to your life. Going back to my Discovery of two days ago, if you keep negative thoughts in your mind, you will attract negativity and disease—like flies to dung—in your mind and in your body. “No man can demonstrate peace and cling to unhappiness,” Ernest Holmes says, which also implies another one of his statements: “No person whose entire time is spent in the contemplation of limitation can demonstrate freedom from such limitation!”

You must become more of what you wish to draw into your life. Or you must become more, in general, to attract a greater good into your life!

I had lunch with a friend who is a delight. She is full of energy, young and beautiful. She has everything going for her. But she has fear about moving forward, gaining new friends in a new city, and basically, trusting the instinct of Divine Consciousness in her life. As a result, her life is at an utter standstill. She must daily prod herself into a new idea about life. If need be, she can sit still for a while and meditate with positive affirmations about moving forward to gain such energy. But, becoming more, expecting more, and moving toward her goal is a necessity to achieving her greater good.

I’ve never met a successful man or woman who sat around hoping for good without taking steps forward toward the future. I’ve also never met a successful person who doesn’t know deep inside that he or she deserves success and is certainly capable of it.

So, our next step in this process is inviting the tools of success into your life. For me, I make recordings of what I want to believe about myself. I speak them into my phone and play them back every chance I get. In fact, I will loop the recording, so that it will play back during my sleep. I want every thought to be in line with what I believe about my future. So, that I can step forward into it with each new day. This is the way to a great good!

Coming Up: More about building your new, authentic life!

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