Building Your Authentic Life

In the Christian bible Jesus says that a good builder doesn’t build his home on sand, but on something solid. (Math. 7: 24-27) So, what on earth is more solid than rock? However, when we talk about building an authentic life, we refer less to the mechanics of mortar and brick and much more to the structure of your life. So, can you think of something mentally or spiritually solid on which to build your life?

I know that Jesus was a storyteller of parables. He mastered the art of teaching on many different levels of understanding. So, when he talked about a good builder having a plan or a blueprint first, this, also was a metaphor. So, we have two metaphors to understand, before we can actually begin to build our new, authentic life.

Let’s look at the first one. Rock is by every definition in our tangible world, the densest of earthly materials. So, we must build our mental life with something that has the ability to have a solid base, unwavering. What do we know of in life that doesn’t change? This is the conundrum.

Can we build our authentic life on the “concept” of Change. So, although change itself isn’t a solid base, the “concept” of change is. It is the constant that we search for. So, let’s start from there.

We begin to lay the foundation of our new life based on the idea that everything changes. With that knowledge, what kind of mortar and bricks do we need?

Life would indicate we need to build authenticity on the idea that “even the greatest of plans can be washed away by a flood or a storm.” So, tangible substance and prosperity cannot be the mortar and bricks or our lives. We need a substance that is less likely to fold and crumble.

So, we go back to the drawing board and try to imagine an ephemeral substance that can stand the test of constant change and land on the perfect structure substance: Spiritual Law. We know that everything on this earth has come from Divine Mind and expressed or out-pressed from this Spiritual Law. So, law has lasted through time. Let’s begin to build our new life with the bricks and mortar of spiritual law.

Here are some of the spiritual laws we know to be true:

  • Ask and it shall be given to you.
  • Seek and you shall find.
  • Knock and the door shall be opened to you.
  • Be the salt and light of the world.
  • Seek for love, compassion, and peace.
  • Whatever a man/woman sows, that shall s/he reap

Could Jesus have been telling us to have goals that are based more on intangible things, than building castles and skyscrapers? I would think so.

So, when you begin to dream your new life this week, let’s start with some spiritual, intangible goals. Write them down and imagine that this is the structure on which you will build your new life.

We will get to how we can create from this law, tangible effects that utilize all of our talents and dreams on earth in the next Discovery.

Coming Up: More about building your new, authentic life!

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