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The physical passage of a caterpillar to a butterfly is more fascinating than the growth of almost any species on earth, because in so many ways it mirrors the ascent of own our spiritual growth on this earth plane. My question today is: Can a butterfly still crawl, even though it has wings?

I have never seen a butterfly crawl, so I actually had to investigate. The answer is that, yes, butterflies and moths can crawl a little bit, not much, though. So, the growth of this insect’s wings and their own metamorphosis has changed so much that the main means of movement to the body as a caterpillar—crawling—has almost completely been erased from the memory of the butterfly. Is the case in humans as we develop spiritual wings?

Recently, I went to a butterfly sanctuary in Florida. I also attended a class in Aruba in a butterfly sanctuary. Both times, I remained amazed at the beauty, the intricacies, and the intense change of the entire structure of the insect from larva to butterfly. Just amazing. Of course, no one can deny the beauty of the creatures, as well. What I didn’t know was that some moths are just as beautiful and, also, larger than butterflies. I had written a story in one of my discoveries about a butterfly I watched from caterpillar to cocoon. One day, I helped the fledgling butterfly from its cocoon as it hopped onto my finger and flew high into the trees. This insect, I discovered, was not a butterfly at all. It was a moth! Gorgeous, huge wings of green, velvety black and yellow spots was not what I expected to be a moth. Yet, my little friend was, indeed, a moth.

Sometimes, with all of its majesty, a moth or butterfly can get trapped in a small space. It is during these times that it must crawl to find release from where it is trapped.

We know that in the Old Testament that David and Solomon, in all of their majesty, found times when they were, also, trapped in their own mistakes and had to crawl into the depth of old habits to find release. Still, with the wings of spirit, both had grown spectacular wings enough to realize that crawling was beneath them. They learned from their mistakes and ascended into greater heights with on the wings of spirit.

Now and again, as I emerge into my own spiritual flight with newfound wings, I wake up with the urge to fight, worry, and crawl back into my cocoon for safe shelter. The endless sky and freedom is way too much for me. I long for the safety of old habits and treat back to the place in my humanity that felt dense and humanly powerful. Yet, still carrying the wings of angels on my back, I suddenly realize that I don’t have to live in old pain and the struggle of slowly crawling on all fours to get to my destiny. I take flight in my spiritual mind and ascend into the lofty place of observing my own humanity in that part of my brain where I meditate.

The practice of meditation is what helps each of us develop the wings to get out of our own humanity’s cocoon and ascend with spiritual wings to heights and depths never imagined. Now, when I find myself stuck in a place that requires that I crawl a bit, I remember the path of the butterfly. I crawl to the nearest exit and begin to use my spiritual wings again to fly and observe, once again. From the vantage point of the spiritual observer, I always make better decisions, because it is here that I am one as Source!

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