Can I TRY to Be Authentic?

Clearly, the operative word in the title’s question is try. We all remember the character, Yoda, from Star Wars saying: “Do or do not. There is no try!” We move away from trying anything and proceed toward actually committing to doing. This however may not be the case when it comes to authenticity.

Consider the following statements:

  • When I meet a person, I try my best to be the real man I would consider authentic.
  • When I greet a business associate, whom I’m not sure likes me, I try to see this person as whole and direct, considering that his opinions are not my business.
  • Even though I know I can’t be the youthful athlete that I once was, I try to commit my older body to fun activities like volleyball.

In every one the situations above, trying seems like the best anyone can do. One of Wikipedia’s three definitions of try is to do something different to see if it’s suitable. Actually, committing to something different is a high order. So, trying is our first objective. Doing is the second.

Trying is not a bad thing in our first attempts to do anything new. I noticed, when I snow ski, the first time I do a new run, I proceed with caution. As I continue to repeat the run, my caution automatically eases, because I understand my obstacles.

Yesterday, I had an epiphany as I waited for my time to sing three songs at church. Before each song, I checked in with my body and mind. I noticed I had decreased amounts of anxiety and anticipation about singing as I tried something new the first time and committed to its work through me the second two songs. Usually, my anxiety gets a little worse as I wait. This new method helped me operate with a new thought: I am a conduit of Spirit—body, mind, soul.

My affirmation became: “As I sing, I know that the perfect anointing proceeds from my mind first, then my body. I understand that a peaceful conduit is the conduit, as Spirit working through me blesses my entire life and brings with it complete authenticity.”

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