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“Love rules through Law. Love is the Divine Givingness; Law is the way. Love is spontaneous; Law is impersonal,” say Ernest Holmes in the Science of Mind textbook.

Within these statements is great mystery. As in the picture attached to this post, “we can only attract what we think we deserve.” The statement is a universal law: the Law of Attraction. Yet, behind it, lies the presence of Love, which seeks for all of us to have what we need, when we need it—mentally, physically, and spiritually—and does so spontaneously.

My first inclination is to imagine law dressed in a police uniform or holding a judge’s gavel. Law hasn’t always been loving in my world or anyone’s, for that matter. Yet, the Law I speak of here is not the Law of the land. It is Universal Law—Law that doesn’t change with time. This is Law set out by Source or God at the beginning of time to contain the universe and also allow it to grow on its own volition. So subtle are its parameters, yet so confounding and definite that they keep us bound to the earth by gravity, contain the raging oceans, let us fail, and, also, press us forward to our greatest achievements.

When I think of Love, I think of romantic love; which, for me, I need to reshape and remodel in my own mind. Romantic love has never been and probably will never be any kind of definition of universal Love, because it is too ephemeral. The kind of Love Holmes speaks of is the kind of love that doesn’t change with time or with the day. It stays the same and undergirds all of humanity and the universe. So, what exactly is this Love he talks about that is “so spontaneous?”

When I checked the dictionary for a definition, I noticed that the word spontaneous was divided into groups: spontaneity of a person, in a process of events, in Biology, and archaic.

I wanted to avoid the definitions following people, so I chose this definition to understand Holmes. Spontaneity in the biology of a cell is the movement or activity in an organism, which is instinctive or involuntary. In this definition, I believe we can see the kind of Love in which Law co-abides. For Divine Law to work, Love must allow spontaneous growth to happen. So, here we see that the Ocean can be a place of beauty and rest, but also may cause spontaneous disaster. The Law (and love, for that matter) is impersonal when it comes to the spontaneity of growth in all matter on earth.

When perceived chaos happens, is it really not the law seeking to fulfill its divine premise? For instance: two parents with a genealogy of unusual chromosomes have a child that is born with three legs. If you consider the highest laws of the universe; you might think that this is exactly what happens when two strangely varying sets of genes combine. But, if you look at this without the magnifying glass of the Law and Love as one entity, then you may mistake this deformity as being a mistake or malevolence of the universe, pointed directly toward these unsuspecting parents, and worse yet, toward the child.

Another example is the spontaneity of weather. Legalistic religion might consider that a natural disaster is God’s way of punishing someone. But, how could this be so when tornadoes, hurricanes, and tsunamis have leveled lands of so many cultures and beliefs, probably including the very belief of the religious cult seeking to personify God and plagiarize God’s words?

For the Law and Love to co-abide, Law and Love must be impersonal! This doesn’t mean that God doesn’t love you or me. It means that God loves us so much that It created an impenetrable Law for us to live by, so that you may create and function in spontaneous growth, knowing the parameters by which you must live by. This is what I hope to unfold for you in the coming lessons, so that you may, also, live within the parameters of this perfect Law of Love and prosper accordingly.


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