Can #Prayer Alter Another Person’s Life?

The entire premise of prayer should be aligning our minds with the awesomeness of God’s plan. “Praying for others is a matter of releasing those people to the activity of God and continually strengthening our own awareness of this activity in them.” (Unity.org) If there is purpose in someone’s pain and path, should we pray to change this course? Does our prayer help or change the very molecules of life? I’m sure these are questions we all have.

In my life, I have noticed that when someone asks for prayer, I pray for that person to be in line with God’s will. If that same person asks for prayer for someone else—who may not desire change—I pray for the person asking for prayer to be in line with God’s will. However, in the second scenario, my prayer will change to asking God to open the mind of the person to the will of God for the person in need.

Every purpose in heaven and on earth comes down to God’s perfect will. We must realize that the only thing we can alter is our own alignment with God’s purpose for us, first, then in others, next.

“Being there” for someone is limiting, because we often don’t have the time, talents, or finances to help people out of the paradigm they have found themselves in. But a higher level exists to help. We can help change others by changing ourselves.

When you step into a room filled with your own peace garnered from meditation and right thinking, your peace contains spiritual molecules that change and envelope everyone you touch. We can pray for truth and enlightenment in others, much better than we can, sometimes for ourselves. True prayer practitioners are trained to see only the best for each of us. Seeing the best is actually seeing God’s purpose, not trying to change what the Creator has set in motion for the highest and best good for each person in our lives.

But, my question is not about helping others in their change toward the better. My question is “can we prayer for others who don’t want prayer or change?” We can see for them the best, always. We can ask that our burden be free and that their sickness, financial problems, and addictions be changed by God? Ultimately, God’s will for their lives is in play and nothing we pray can change what God has purposed from the beginning of time. If we begin to pray for our own ego wishes, instead of the purpose of God, we err in our belief.

In my work I have helped people in palliative care move through the transition of sickness to death. In doing so, I have become acutely aware that some people are completely at peace with letting go of their sick bodies and letting their spirits move into the next stage of spiritual development. Because of this, I think that trying to keep sick people on this earth because we don’t want to let go is a selfish way to pray.

I was sick recently for just a couple of days, and I felt awful. I wanted to be anywhere but in my sick body. Can you imagine being in a body that is slowly dying with a sickness like Lou Gherkin’s disease? If someone wants to let go of a body that is rife with illness, who am I to ask God to heal him or her?

On the other hand, miraculous healing does exist, but usually this healing happens as a result of the person who is sick having a complete change of mind about him/herself and the disease in the human body. I’m sure you could find many stories, especially like Unity’s cofounder, Myrtle Fillmore, who changed her own sick body to live a life free of her debilitating disease. Also, the famous author Louise Hay has a similar story. I glory in the perfect paradigm of change in those people looking for help from spirit and who actually find change curing their body. This is prayer at work in one’s own body.

But, I’m inclined to believe that even the changes in these two examples had happened because their lives needed this miracle to place them on a path to help others think in line with Spirit’s will. Ultimately, my friends, pray to be in line with God’s perfect will for everyone and you will not pray amiss!



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