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You awaken at 5:30 a.m., before the sun rises, before anyone in your life rises, to be alone with God. What awakes with you is a memory, an old friend, something that pretended to comfort you in the past. The old friend seemingly helped you get even, regain self-esteem from a personal attack that wounded you.

Your old friend, the past, didn’t come to comfort you but to prevent you from creating good and positivity with your God Mind. Your past is strangling the power that would have been unleashed into the universe had you actually sat with God in the silence. But, instead, you chose to visit your friend who literally squashed your truth into nothingness and broke the promise you made to yourself to give up your past.

This is one of the issues of our spiritual age with which we struggle. How do we untie and let go of the anchor that keeps us bound to the shore of humanness, when we could be sailing freely in the ethers with Spirit?

Intellectually we know the Truth. Why does the Truth not always set us free in circumstances that relate to the past, especially past relations that went awry? Why are we holding on to dreams, ideas, and memories of the past that never served us, not even during the time we were living them?

In your human brain are many connections called neural pathways. When an incident happens in your life that impacts you or is similar to another bad situation a neural pathway is triggered. With this trigger comes the same emotions, the same body temperature, the same anger, and even the same physical feelings as when you were first hurt.

This particular kind of mental incident is not as strong as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress) but mimics it in a lot of ways, especially because it seems to supersede our thinking minds and goes directly to the frontal cortex of the brain, which contains most of the dopamine-sensitive neurons in the cerebral cortex.

The dopamine system is associated with reward, attention, planning, and motivation. Dopamine tends to limit and select sensory information. From this idea, we can see that a memory may flood the frontal cortex of the brain with “reward behavior,” which could keep us locked in this “dopamine” feeling, almost as if in an addictive trans, while we are remembering the story of our past and how we “could have” reacted to save our souls from the harm.

The question is: How do we get out of this trans long enough to get back to our Spiritual Power that always exists within, even during these setbacks from our spiritual purpose?

This has been your thorn in the flesh for a very long time. It is connected to the moments in your childhood when you were helpless, in an abusive situation, and had only your innocent mind to create a place of solace. So, too, this small guy or girl (the inner child) is still operating in your life until you rescue it from the hell fires of the past.

How do you do that successfully?

The part of your Mind that can save you is the same part that gets stuck in your humanness—the observer side of the brain, which connects with the powerful Universal Mind of God. When you discern that you walk down a dark pathway toward reward-revenge behavior, you must rescue yourself, because no one else can, not even God. We have been given a decision maker that is ours to empower us and use in times like these. I call it my adult-boss mind.

When I discover I am on the wrong path or on a path that is limiting my good, I begin by placing my hand on my heart and encouraging my humanness. I tell it that I have heard its need for comfort and power. I tell my inner child what it needs to know to step away from the past feelings of revenge:

“You are and have always been connected to the mighty and powerful Mind of God. You were created in Its image. This Mind is in you and operating as you now. You can choose, in this moment, to let go of the past, which may have served you and protected you then, but no longer serves you now. Or you can sit in your old story for a while longer. Know this, though, you are in the hands of Creative Mind, a power that can give you new life, a new beginning, a new, powerful future, should you choose to believe and let go from the past right now!”


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