Can There Be an Alternate Truth?

We’ve heard many jokes before the last election about “alternative truths.” Is there actually such a thing? Can a Truth be real for one person, and not real for another?  Can facts lie, as well? Even “Psychology Today says that more people react to emotion than actual evidence…” Read on…

A long time ago I realized that I was looking at the world in an entirely different way than most people. It seemed as if when a friend saw purple, I saw the color green behind it. If someone told a joke, I would NOT get it while everyone else was laughing. Yet, if some goofball told a really ridiculous joke that had a play on words, I’d be laughing hysterically while everyone else was looking at me like I was a fool for laughing.

I am a little different—well, a lot different. But different doesn’t change truth, it just shows it from another angle or from a different side. Right?


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One aspect I noticed was that my point of view was always looking past the evident and a little deeper than most people. Even when I got into acting school, my teachers would often say, “Bo, just say what’s written. Don’t try to make more of this than what it is. You’re asking for a piece of pizza, for god sakes. Pizza doesn’t have to have subtext!”

I find it difficult not to look for a metaphor in all of life. Is that good or bad? I don’t know. I’m not going to judge myself. I know it keeps my husband and I occupied most mornings as we try to decipher our dreams.

Can a fact be a fact by definition and still mean something entirely different to one person as it does to another person. Let’s take a for instance here.

A detective finds a suicide note left on the table next to a dead man. The note describes how the man was horribly sad because he was responsible for a gas leak that killed 99 people. The letter is checked by forensic scientists and revealed that this is, indeed, was the dead man’s handwriting.

However, the Detective knows this man who was lying dead on the floor. He knows with certainty that something is eschewed. His friend would have never killed himself. Just yesterday they were talking about a golf trip to West Palm Beach.

So, he defies his boss and looks into the issue. After many hours of uncovering the real story, the Detective discovers a gun was held to his friend’s head as he wrote the suicide note.

Can we now say that facts are true only until a higher truth makes prior evidence untrue? This happens in Science all of the time. Once the entire world believed that the Earth was flat!

I believe this kind of new revelation happens in our spiritual lives all the time. I believed that I was a gay sinner going to hell if I ever fell in love with a man or had sex with on. You couldn’t have told me otherwise. I believed that the Bible was truth.

That is, until I was shown multiple places where the bible contradicted itself and saw also that the bible was contradictory to the history written by scholars of the day. Now, my eyes are opened to a different, higher level of truth—for me. I know many people don’t see this my way. But it does not change my truth.

I see God as an all-loving creative energy or source that is always waiting for me to prosper and give back to the world the love that flows through me—as me.

Fact or fiction: “In the last days, the word of God will be written on their hearts”? (Romans 2:15) (This is an actual scripture from the Bible, but it cannot be taken literally, can it? If it’s true, does that mean the word of God can only be found in the heart of man and not in a book?)


Can we say then that (caterpillar or butterfly?):

  1. When making up our minds to believe in a Truth, we use interpretation, our hearts, and even convenience; and
  2. When dealing with fact we can say something is True as long as a higher Truth is not revealed?
  3. But, where does that leave us in our earthly paradigm seeking Truth?

Fact: Truth is often meant for us to decide.


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