Can We Prepare for Good Fortune?

As you can see above that the expression #good_fortune could mean two things:

  1. A stroke of luck, or
  2. An auspicious state resulting from favorable outcomes.

In a vastly changing world, many people find it hard to understand the difference between preparing for your good and waiting for your good.


When the universe is constantly reflecting its nature in and through us, if we are looking through our human eyes we see two worlds. One world is consistently robbing us of our good, as we must guard and protect our possessions from thieves and the like. 


But, as we look at the Universe through spiritual eyes, we see the vast sky, the countless universes, the ocean that seems endless and wonder: Just how big is God? And if this same God is the source and life stream of our energy, if we are the divine mirrors of Spirit flowing through us, then we must prepare our vessel to prosper just as the universe grows and prospers.

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Continued from Above:

I tend to favor the Buddhist’s point of view. If we believe that we are conduits for the abundance of the universe, then our focus should always be on our spiritual growth, which would include being channels of good and prosperity for ourselves and those around us.

Are you ready for prosperity to flow through you in this way? Are you spiritually mature enough to win the lottery and be led what to do with the money? Sometimes good fortune doesn’t happen because our souls are too immature for the responsibility of wealth. We think we would not be caught up in the niceties and control of wealth, but ultimately we may be. Only the Divine within knows the Truth.

The Buddha says:

The Buddha’s prescriptions for prosperity and happiness have always boon laced with liberal doses of ethics. But sometimes the correlation between ethics and happiness is not very clear. The following pages try to make this connection.

The Buddha’s attitude towards material wealth

Many people, including Buddhists, believe that Buddhism spurns the acquisition of material comforts and pleasure and is concerned only with spiritual development. The attainment of Nibbana is, indeed, the goal. However, the Buddha was very much alive to the fact that economic stability is essential for man’s welfare and happiness.

In the Anguttaranikaya (A.II. (69-70) the Buddha mentions that there are four kinds of happiness derived from wealth. They are:

1) Atthisukha – The happiness of ownership.

2) Anavajjasukha – The happiness derived from wealth which is earned by means of right livelihood, i.e. not dealing in the sale of harmful weapons, not dealing in the slaughter of animals and sale of flesh, not dealing in the sale of liquor, not dealing in the sale of human beings (e.g. slavery and prostitution) and not dealing in the sale of poisons.

3) Ananasukha – the happiness derived from not being in debt.

4) Bhogasukha – the happiness of sharing one’s wealth. This kind of happiness is an extremely important concept in Buddhism.

So, to have “good fortune” would be to have all of the above, but most importantly the ethics and wisdom to continue one’s spiritual growth no matter the flow of money and wealth.



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