Can You Be Deductive and Be Spiritually Powerful?

Can You Be Deductive also Be Spiritually Powerful Beyond Measure?

One thing that would solve the world’s problems is if people could work in their cognitive minds and be at peace at the same time. Most people equate work time with a series of tasks that does anything but bring them peace. I believe there is a better way.

In cognitive therapy we can work through our problems through a series of talks with a therapist. It may takes weeks, months or even years to solve our issues. For me, cognitive therapy probably would have taken a lifetime. There is something missing in a traditional approach to saving our brains from overload: that approach would be adding spirituality or a speed-up version of therapy and going directly to the problem—our subconscious mind, which holds the key to all of our issues, good and bad!

You may think that I’m going to go into a bunch of religious fact, but that is truly not what I believe. My thought is that all of us are connected body, mind and spirit. And we use only 10-20% of our brains. I believe that the other 80% of the brain is made to work in the subconscious WITH and in conjunction with God Brain or Social Consciousness (that consciousness we share with each other and with Spirit God).

Have you ever had a moment when you went to pick up the telephone to call someone, when at the exact same time that person called you? These are those scientifically inexplicable moments that would be relevant in a case I make for my prior paragraphs.

Dr. Mitch Johnson spoke at Center of Spiritual Living today about detaching to get what we desire in life. I thought it was very relevant to what I have been teaching about in my blog, which has been our three different ways of attachment. Dr. Mitch quoted a case where a scientist was trying to make a machine that measures earthquakes move with his mind. He would try and try to move the little black lever, but to no avail—until he quit trying. Then it moved.

His detachment had more power then his inductive mind control. I had the same thing happen when I was working at The Evelyn Frye Center with Biofeedback. As I was learning to operate the machine, the harder I tried to gain a relaxed reading, the less it would read in the blue, which meant calm. As soon as I thought about something else, something as simple as counting my breath, the meter would immediately move to the blue.

Powerful source comes from detaching to gain results. If we combine detachment of our controlling part of the brain—the inductive source—with using the observer mind for our intentions, we end up with the powerful results, I believe, spirit was looking for.

“Ask and it shall be given unto you. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door will be opened unto you.” All of these scriptures lead us to a greater knowing of the law of Unlimited Spirit.

I’m clear that with just my heartfelt prayer and a half-hearted intention—because the world consistently tells me that I otherwise can’t have what I want—won’t make for the most effective prayer.

But what I am certain of is that when I combine the spiritual intention that I receive when I’m in my subconscious, observer mind (or God consciousness) with the detachment of my ego self, I find a greater source of power when it comes to the fulfillment of dreams and creating a prosperous reality, mind and spirit.

Try it and you’ll see.

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