Can You Maintain the Holiday Cheer, Love, and Giving?

Once the Day After Christmas sales have ended, most people are just about ready to give up any Christmas giving and spending until the end of January; that is, until New Year’s Eve is over and they have had a freeing release of the past and celebrate the invitation of the New Year. All this to say, how long can we stay at the party before we have to get back to the normal functioning of our lives?

This year was the most amazing Christmas I’ve ever had. It was my first holiday season with my husband. We didn’t go to Ireland, as I had thought. We stayed at home and had a relaxing Christmas Eve after going to see a movie.

On Christmas, we went to a family gathering where most of the giving was about funny gags than spending $100s of dollars on gifts. The family even gave up our one last gift buying with our Secret Santa and stayed with only fun gifts. We realized that we would probably only to get back from another family member the same gift card.  As a result, the day was festive and carefree.

Many family members even made Dave and I vegan food for the holiday celebration. We ended up with quite the Christmas feast: Quinoa Salad, Brussel Sprouts, a large mixed Greek Salad, Vegan Turkey patty, Vegan pumpkin pie, Pasta with a red sauce, and vegan cookies. Everyone else had many traditional dishes like smelts and calamari in a red sauce and a large baked ham. Tradition is part of the Italian culture, which never bothers me. I don’t judge. I just make sure that at the end of the day my heart is filled with peace. If anything negative remains in my heart by nightfall, I do my best to clear it before the day’s end. I want to sleep in the arms of peaceful angels not in the perils of a hellish consciousness.

This is the best anyone can do for him- or herself. As for holding on to the amount of cheer and joy I have on Christmas for the rest of the year, how can I not give it a try? Everyday should be filled with compassion, truth, love, joy, laughter, and great feasts made from the beautiful Earth.

Let’s all give it a try this year. Extend the real gift of the holidays into your everyday life. Take the stress out of the holiday so that you actually have time to live the birth of the Christ spirit in you—everyday!



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