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We have all heard the story of the great flood in the time of Noah, because it exists in almost every scripture. However, not many of us have heard a metaphysical interpretation of that flood. I propose that the flood was a result of a misuse of Creative Power. I do not believe the flood happened as a result of God judging the earth.

If we know that there is only one Creative Mind to be used by all people on earth to create, and we, also, know that this mind is plastic in the sense that it simply is the breeding ground of all conceptions of man; we must also recognize that this Creative Mind could get misused if too many people understood the power of the law and were using it to create negativity. I believe this is what happened at the time of Noah.

Almost everything on this earth is metaphoric, because manifest substance comes from the Mind of God it must reflect the nature of God. We have been using the earth or the soil as a metaphor for Divine Mind, saying that it is the breeding ground for our seed thoughts.

If we take our metaphor to the next stage, we can see that we can misuse the soil in many ways. This is why good farmers have learned to rotate crops. The soil loses its nutrition when overused and has to rest. If this is the case in the natural, perhaps, it is also the case in the Divine Mind.

Maybe, too many people were misusing the power of Mind, and Divine Mind simply cleansed Itself with a flood. As you can see, I’m not judging anything here. I’m simply saying that everything operates by Law. Law has been built on a foundation of Love. So, if the ingredient of love and creative power are not combined, a misuse of Creative Power will happen, inevitably.

Since Spirit cannot fight against Itself, Spirit simply has a built in Law or cleansing agent when it is deluged with negativity or spiritual misuse. When Divine Mind creates a peaceful and joyful life, like the farmers who rotate the soil, we will always see the beneficial power of Divine Mind as it feeds the masses. But when Divine Mind is overused or misused for negative purposes, Divine Mind will recuperate by means of natural disasters, like a flood, cleansing itself and the world whenever it needs to.

I’m not saying here that Divine Mind has the power to Convict or Judge anything. Divine mind is like the soil, in such that it can be overused and force its users to change their course by Law, not by conviction. The soil doesn’t judge anyone when it simply loses its nutrition. The soil, then, requires rest to resolve its issue. There is no judgment to the user. There is, however, a misuse of its power by the user. And the result will be no crops or the need for rest for the soil. Please, hear the vast difference in this scenario!

When using the Law of Mind, we must always begin with a loving seed thought that benefits the earth, the body, or the mind.


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