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I used to go to a church that was dead-set against speaking negativity into the universe. If anyone said something opposite of what you wanted or needed in your life, you immediately were to reply, “I cancel that in the name of Jesus!” We were diligent, if anything. I said the word cancel more that year than I had in my entire life.

I’m amazed how many different spiritual paradigms I have lived through in one lifetime. At one point, I was even in a church that was based solely on demonic deliverance. After every church gathering, the elders would sit around with church members, casting out demons—sexual demons, lustful demons, glutinous demons, murmuring demons, and most definitely LYING DEMONS.

I’m not saying that I don’t believe evil exists in the world. You don’t have to look hard to find something or someone malevolent. I simply believe that the problems in the world are more between our ears than they are spiritually. I have to admit, I have encountered a few people who seem to have been possessed by something that appeared evil. Honestly, when we look deeper into problems and discover their origin, usually it’s a malware problem—some parent or teacher’s abuse comes out like regurgitation, because of the inevitability of human swallowing too much pain without the body spitting it right back out.

I do believe that there is power in the spoken word. But, the power isn’t from the words alone. Jesus was quoted as saying, “out of the abundance of your heart, the mouth speaks.” He also said, that “by your own faith you are healed.” Jesus explained many theories about spirituality and love, but most often, He gave examples of how spiritual laws works. He wanted to show—by example—that anyone can change his or her circumstance simply by changing his belief. He said, “If you have faith the size of a mustard seed (pretty dang small), you could move a mountain.” So, how many of us, though many claim to say we have it, truly have faith? Don’t you think the world would be rid of mountains by now if even a few of us had faith?

My faith has been shaken to the bone these past few days. I thought, certainly, that my beautiful house with its lovely gardens would be off of the market as soon as it appeared on the MLS listing. The house down the street, two doors down, half as nice as mine, sold with 3 people battling over it and the price raised $5000 in the process. This was just 3 months ago. Why isn’t mine selling now? Honestly, I have had to meditate more in the past week than I have had to in years, just to keep my mind off of the negative. Why would it matter if I were thinking negative and fearful thoughts, if thoughts don’t change substance?

That’s a very good question. Many times in my life, I have had fearful thoughts, and I still won or came through the process successfully. Conversely, a great many times I have stuck to my belief only to find myself completely lost and broke. So, why does it matter so much to me now that I have a positive belief about my future?

I know with absolute certainty that fear and anxiety cause negativity in my own body and mind. This is the only evidence I need. I simply don’t want any part of the anxiety that comes with negative thinking. My heart races. I can’t sleep, because of looping thoughts. I experience dry mouth. I can’t think straight. (Don’t even go there…) All right, I’ll go there. I can’t think gay either. And, mostly, my stomach gathers in a knot and a feel nauseous from stress.

Ultimately, what I say and think change something. Most importantly, it changes the matter and molecules in me. It changes my heart, my blood pressure, my anxiety levels, and, sometimes, it even can cause me to engage in an old habit. So, if you are experiencing a difficult time in your life, you must go to the source of the problem—YOU! Figure out what you are so damn afraid of and confront it, like a good friend would. Flesh out the issues that keep you in fear. Discover the power you have when you actually face difficulty head on. Most times, the worst-case scenarios are not so bad at all.

For me, for instance, if I were to have to stay in my house for another one or two months, the worst case scenario is that I would have to live on credit cards until I got the equity out of my house to pay them off. That certainly isn’t so bad. It’s like a paid vacation. Now, if only I could really believe that…


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