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We live in a world where truth has more meanings than the word love. Truth may be telling someone what they want to hear, what you think they can handle, or your version of the truth. Most often, though, what we hear from even our closest friends is a modified version of truth, filtered by many aspects of our humanness—fear, compassion, and avoidance. This happens most often in the news when political sides eschew even the minor issues. Where can we find honesty in this world?

When we live in the fear of people finding out we are gay, of a political persuasion, spiritual, or even partake of the occasional use of pot, we must reduce our words to half-truths and live from an unauthentic place. Who has the energy for that kind of life, in hiding, concocting new version of truth on the fly for each individual in your life and for different reasons? This is a no-brainer.

“Tell the truth and tell it fast!” is one of my favorite sayings of late. But, displaying your truth for the world to see, like anything in life, takes practice and a cavalier soul. You must be unwilling to hide any aspect of your life. This kind of moxie usually comes from years of letting people judge you, living in an enclosed box, and suddenly finally realizing that who you are is righteous, perfect, and even one of the vast parts of God, no matter what your nature. God is all in all. You are fine and beautiful exactly the way you are right now.

Being truthful doesn’t mean that you have nowhere to grow. Of course, we all have a spiritual path on earth that may take our entire physical lives to reach. So, our version of the truth will change. Our thoughts about life will alter during the course of our life. But, that doesn’t mean we should deny our truth in the moment. What you feel, what you express unabashedly, and what you think is pertinent matters. Not everyone needs to know your opinion and be obstructed by it. Your opinion is yours.

I’ve learned that since my opinions often change, proclaiming them at the top of a mountain may not be to my advantage. Often, I take the bits of truth I learn daily and tuck them into my heart, knowing that eventually some solid truth will raise to the surface. In other words, you don’t have to know everything to have truth or to wear it proudly. You simply have to be honest with yourself and with others. Being authentic is always the prize!

Often, the best answer to a question is: I just don’t know—yet!

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