I was once described as a Casanova. I always thought it meant someone who is a smooth talker. Boy, was I wrong.  Casanova was an Italian adventurer; full name Giovanni Jacopo Casanova de Seingalt. He is known for his memoirs that describe his sexual encounters and other exploits. The term, in short, should be a description of of Giovanni.

So, ladies, if you are looking for a relationship, what should you do if you meet a Casanova? Run run run. That’s right. I don’t care how cute he is, how smooth talking he is, how much he turns you on.  Run in the opposite direction. This man is out to steal your heart. And we don’t want that. (Men or Women, straight or gay, same goes for you.)

Lately, a great deal of middle aged, beautiful, intelligent straight women have been clients. They all seem to have the same problems with finding a straight man. Men their age all seem to have the same issue. They have just been divorced, don’t want commitment, and just want sex and friendship without having anyone or anything to answer to.

I definitely can relate. I know a lot of women and gay men like that too. Relationship is damn hard. There is no doubt in my mind about that. Relationship takes two people who are very compatible, very rich in compassion, willing to work out their issues with each other and maybe with a counsellor.

Let’s face it, relationship brings out our deepest fears and our worst habits. It just does. Get used to it, and you won’t be so frightened when you enter into a relationship and find out that you are faced with yourself.

Worse yet, usually first relationships are an out-picturing of one of your parents—usually the one you didn’t get along with. I know, you thought you were looking for the exact opposite, but there he/she is—exactly like your mother or father. It happens all the time. It’s a clinical syndrome.

Be patient about relationship. Today, just work on yourself and the issues that will make you a better person. You can do a vision board with all the attributes of a mate you would like to find. Cut out pictures, type out qualities, think of vacations you would like to spend together, think of the kind of work you would like to partner with. All of these things begin to germinate in your mind. Eventually, you will attract the very thing you are looking for. It’s the Law of Mind. What you think about—expresses in the world.

If you are thinking about never being good enough for a good partner, you will probably never attract someone wonderful enough for you.  This week, think positive thoughts about relationship and work diligently on yourself.



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