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Aging and Wart, Spots, and Skin Tags—Yikes!


Ever since I turned 40 years old, I have made an annual appointment with a doctor of Dermatology to check for moles and other extraneous growths on my aging body. I had no idea how many spots and growths would occur as I got older. I guess I cared more, though, about having skin cancer than the look of any small growth.

However, what I had gotten used to was the Dermatologist noticing plenty of new growths each year. He would gently suggest I get some frozen off. The nurse or the technician or doctor would hold a small metal gizmo to the growth, freezing the suspicious color or mole. The skin would die then scab over and, eventually (usually within a few weeks) whatever had been there (a strange mole, skin tag, or wart) would be gone.

Recently, I had a friend ask me to look for wart removal medicine at the drug store on one of my frequent trips to the pharmacy. Something very new appeared on the shelf near the wart removal regulars of Tag-away and Compound W, two liquids that would turn white on the surface of the skin and eventually destroy the skin structure on and around the wart or skin tag.

Now several companies have introduced a freezing machine that includes a can that actually can remove skin tags, warts, and moles like the doctors do. I believe the companies each have included waivers to release them from any legal ramifications if a cancer is found.

I was very interested in the product, so I helped my friend remove two rather large skin tags or warts. Neither 0f us was sure what the growths were, but each was sure it wasn’t cancer as the growths had been there for years and had been the same size, color and shape.

We simply depressed the top of the can as a freezing vapor was emitted onto a small metal nub that is the size of a pen tip at the top of the can. The instructions say to hold that same nub onto the growth for 3-5 seconds. You can literally see the skin tag getting smaller in moments. However, even though the growth got smaller, it took my friend three applications to get rid of a rather large skin tag, with each treatment getting a little more aggressive, as she wasn’t sure how hard to press or how long to press the can’s nub to the tag. Nonetheless, the tag or wart is now removed for the price of less than $20. There is still 15 more treatments in the can.

In my estimation this is a very good product to have as we all get older.

Happy Trails!


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Two Days a Week Can Change Your Heart Health

I took one of my dearest friends for his 50-year colonoscopy. As I waited in the lobby of the hospital, I spent much time wondering if I should have the exam, as well. I considered my recent healthy and unhealthy choices and wondered if I would come out on the side of cancer free.

Unfortunately, my friend did not get so lucky. That day is now firmly adhered to my brain. I could never walk away from the idea that I am the only one who can create health for my own body.

“My choices, my health!” is now my motto.

Even though no one would consider me overweight, my cholesterol tests and heart exams were declining every year. When I had to begin statins to lower my cholesterol, I decided to go back to being a vegetarian or a vegan to see if a diet change would make a difference in my LDL (bad cholesterol). To my surprise, my doctor was more than just onboard, he recommended a vegan diet. In fact, he told me that all of his vegan patients have lowered their LDL with a completely plant-based diet. Most were able to get off of the statins completely.  I went home and began planning for an immediate diet change.

I didn’t want to freak out my body and mind, so I decided I would start a slow plan with a plant-based diet for a couple of days a week. When I cooked the household meals from one of the vegetarian cookbooks I had written in the past, everyone in the house would want to join me in eating. Even my mother, whose sour-puss face hates when people refuse her food for another, actually joined in a few times.  I had actually forgotten how much I enjoyed cooking. Plus, I did not realize how much easier vegetable-based food was to digest.

What older adults do not realize until too late is that meat becomes more and more difficult to digest as adults get older.

Red meat can spend up to 3 days in the colon. It rots there as a mucous covers it, while the body waits to digest it. However, if you continue to eat the same amount of animal protein every day, then your body never has time to remove those pockets of undigested meat from the colon. These particulates turn into hard black matter and ultimately cause problems in the colon. Personally, I feel this is the beginning of all colon disease.

After about a month of eating plant-based for 2-3 days a week, I moved up to 5 days a week being a pseudo-vegan, which left me 2 days a week with just one portion of meat or fish each day. By the end of two months, no one could force me to go back to being a 7-day-a-week carnivore.

I had lost 9 pounds without even trying.

  1. My stomach was not bloated after eating.
  2. I was having one—if not two—easy bowel movements a day.
  3. Interestingly enough, I felt younger and looked younger.
  4. Even my doctor shared that my LDL went to a very safe number after just two months of changing my diet. I was able to get off of the statin.


In the past 1 1/2 years of being a full-fledged vegan, I have written a Vegan Cookbook called Angel Feast. The recipes are simple, easy, and rarely costly—certainly not as expensive as meat, ever. My husband and I spend less the $100 a week on groceries, cooking 95% of our meals at home.



My cookbook explains:

  • how to make the protein conversion from meat to plant-based protein;
  • suggests a palate of food and spices for your shopping list; and then
  • helps you plan meals that are completely plant-based without every feeling you are missing a thing.

Truly, the only feeling you will miss is feeling nauseous and bloated.

Go to the following link and buy a copy of the Kindle Version of the book and you’ll get a special price this week: ONLY $3.99.

Yes, that’s right! I want the people I love to have this book for as cheap as I could arrange it with the publishers. Download it, even if you don’t think you’ll make the shift for a while. When you get a wake up call to be more heart-healthy, this book will be ready and waiting on your bookshelf.

While my husband, David, is working on constructing the printed version of Angel Feast with the amazing pictures you have been seeing on Facebook and Instagram (the cost will be in the $15 range), you can get this Kindle version with the pictures on a dedicated web page, to keep the cost even lower. Just $3.99 for a lifetime of heart healthy food that you’ll never want to stop eating. I promise.

Happy and Healthy Eating,

Your Friend, Bo



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Agism Is Discrimination!

I have edited and ghostwritten for major publishing houses for over 20 years. I have always complemented my life coaching and hypnosis work with part-time editing and writing. I enjoy literary work. Complemented my discretionary income account over the years, writing has almost been my favorite part of the day.

As I have been sending out my resume for copywriting and copyediting positions in Florida—full of exemplary and pertinent work experience—sending out at least 2-3 resumes a day, I have noticed that I have gotten only two interested companies in three months. “2!”

Both of these companies were devout Christian companies. I believe they went to my websites and online profiles and saw that I am an openly proud gay man and released me as a viable candidate, as a result.

HR people would never make this publicly known in any way, because of the legalities. This is just an assumption, but an accurate one, given the lengths I went to get hired. I spent almost 16 hours writing mock proposals and stories for one of the two companies. No one goes to the lengths at which these companies did unless they were very serious about hiring me. Suddenly, from both companies, I received a very apologetic HR executive e-mail, after many complementary ones, explaining the owner’s desire to pass.

In the field of acting and singing, a 10% hire rate is excellent. Most actors would be thrilled with getting one job for every ten auditions. Unfortunately, most actors find that a 1% chance of getting hired is much more likely, which is why the not-so-independently wealthy have day jobs and other auxiliary income.

This is not a blog of complaints. It is today’s reality for me, which I have always shown with plenty of authenticity. I sincerely do not want to spend all of my savings for retirement for living expenses now, so it would make sense for even a millionaire to make sure that his or her savings are not slipping too far below his or her comfort level without an effort to gain some income.

I have gotten 2 chances at working part- or full-time jobs in writing out of perhaps 200 different submissions. I have had my resume checked and rechecked. I have had my cover letters checked and rechecked. I always customize each cover letter to the company to reflect that I have read their breakdown of the job. I know I am doing everything correctly, because I have done this successfully for 30 years. So, what am I left to believe but that companies these days want younger minds to work on writing their copy and doing their editing, because most advertising is Internet and social media bound.

As advertisers realize their target audience is also the audience that knows the most about social media, they would be very smart to seek out bright young stars, as I once was. Agism at my age? For sure. Especially in these fields.

The only way I could tell for sure if what I have experienced is certainly agism is to have an inside informant, which I don’t have. I can only tell you that agism is alive and working against those of us who admit our true age. Just as sexism and homophobia is also working against those who are fearless about their authentic self.

I have asked myself plenty of times if I should try to hide some aspects about my personal life to get hired. Maybe I should even create a different name for these companies, only to see if I am correct about the prejudice I have been getting. Ultimately, though, I do not want to work for anyone who would be prejudice against me for any reason.

So, I find other opportunities to flourish. In my old age I have become a painter and a much better teacher than I’ve ever been. So, giving back to the youth and sharing my life through art is also a great way to live. And… I can continue to write my blogs, which have garnered readers past the million mark every year. To me, that’s a fair trade.

I say all of this because I want everyone to know who’s reading this that life pushes us to change, sometimes. When I could have been very comfortable sitting at my computer editing and writing copy, I have been forced to get in my car and travel 20-30 minutes to teach. Is this a terrible thing at 57?

Not at all. In fact, I’m glad about it.

Do I still wish I could get get a few publishing and editing jobs? Absolutely.


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