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With Patriotism on the Decline, Why Fireworks?

Last night I was driven crazy by the onslaught of loud bombing sounds. It was as if the country was under siege. July 4th. Independence Day. My dog slept in the bathtub, because that was the only place he felt safe. I am sensory defensive. I get it. I wanted to sleep right along side my frightened pup, with earplugs and perhaps with my head submerged under water so that I would be filled with the silence of the deep sea.

As this frenetic discourse blasts on around me into the late night, I wondered why, as a country, we celebrate our liberation from British rule by reactivating the very sounds that bombarded around us.

The bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that are flag was still there.

I get it! But I also don’t understand why reenacting these blasts of tyranny and revolt, year after year, cause the masses to feel celebratory. Is anyone really putting two pieces of the puzzle together. If all of those really enjoying setting off bombs in the air really do have a feeling of reminiscence or of patriotism. I would have to doubt this seriously. I think it today is a reason to release testosterone into the atmosphere in the form of noxious gases, period.

Patriotism is on a steady decline since the current political atmosphere has become a joke. None of those who are truly watching all of the news with open eyes and are concerned about what may happen next if the current administration goes on without restraint could care less about bombs bursting in the air. What we do care about, however, is peace—for our souls and most especially our minds.

I spend every morning trying to find this peace in the utter chaos of the world with meditation. When I see glimpses of it in my mind, I hold on to it for dear life—to the fragments of sanity that I know exist somewhere in the ether and are intended to move through me and then into the world.

But how in this current circumstance can this happen through me or you?

I think about the prime impediment of every single human being that wants and desires peace for the world and for themselves—FEAR! We are afraid that by ourselves—we will not be enough to make any kind of change. We are afraid that if we follow the leadings of the heart that we will be much too selfish and somehow not come out helping the faithful cause of liberation to those captive and in chains from prejudice and injustice. I say, “In the face of the injustices in the world, how can we not follow the treasure of passion in our hearts?”

I recently have begun to understand that as one human being, the best that I can do is to follow my passion to the fullest, no matter what kinds of fear try to block my path. Why?

I work toward my passion, because I understand that the seed of God’s greatest desire is the most deeply rooted seed in my heart. If this were true, then where I go and what I become in this world will greatly impact not only me, but the entire world—no matter if I’m a garbage collector or a great musician making a statement with album after album.

Today is the day that you look deep inside yourself and decide what action or movement will most crucially impact your life—then go for it! You must!

All of the world is waiting for you to be the biggest and best you that you can be! The are waiting for you to realize that you are made in the image and passion of Creator Good. When you and I embrace our power, then we can bring peace and joy back to this Earth.

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SSL Certificates and Google… (Coming Soon—Customer Beware)

After next month, you will not be able to look for site that don’t have #SSL_certificates, which means that the site will begin with Https, instead of Http! Google is requiring this because of security reasons, of course, but for the person who is just a daily blogger and isn’t monetizing their site, this causes a bigger expense than I’ve ever encountered. I’m wondering if less people (especially kids who don’t have the money to spend on a $250 a year secure site) will be invading the web with millions of websites. Below is my story:

The web is a dark place when it comes to things that most of don’t see going on. We look at the nice pictures and don’t look at the code beneath that could be infecting your computer as you look. More and more we need to be advised—as I hope I am doing now—to make your sites and anything you host, even your email, as secure as possible. Companies aren’t lying to you when it comes to adding the most security you can on your computer. Run virus programs on a  monthly basis or in the background, because your computers (even Macs, which mine is) are susceptible to malware that is trying to infect everyone, no matter who you are.

I have been through the ringer with my 3 websites in the past 2 weeks. If you have been trying to get to a link for angel feast or Finding Authentic You, you probably were not able to get through. Why? Scammers tried to fry my websites…

I ask myself why anyone would want to do such a thing to a harmless blog that isn’t even making any money. It’s just there to help people. I can think of no reason except that (1) people are mean (2) web companies want people to hack their clients so they will buy their security products or (3) or there is a real threat to anyone like me who is against Factory Farms. I’m at a loss, otherwise.

Anyhow, what has happened in the past 2 weeks, after much fuss over my website from the developing site was that it realized that 13,000 of my users were Spammers out the 17,000.  This really doesn’t bother me, because when you look at a blog, you basically look at how many people visit your site, not how many users you have that signed up. Users don’t add up to much, in the end, especially because most users don’t continue to come back every day.

I say all of this because $650 later, I finally have my blogs and website back up and they are fully secured with SSL certificates. You will be able to search for my sites, subjects, and not have to worry about any kind of garbage spammers following you into a dark garage with disembodied spirits floating around. That might sound like a harsh metaphor, but it actually isn’t.

Buyer beware. Observer beware. Friends and clients, beware what you click on in the future. The World Wide Web has become a place where people sway elections and spam all of us into believing what we see. Remember this: Only the people who understand code actually know where pictures and corrupt spam come from. I’m not one of them.

What you want to look for is a secure site: HTTPS, not http…. in the future!


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Lessons in Humility

Every day each of us has an opportunity to turn away from our ego-driven lives and learn a lesson in #humility. The definition of humility is “freedom from pride or arrogance,” according to Merriam Webster. Each time we turn on the news we have the opportunity to see how pride and arrogance operate in negative ways all around us.

Every time someone decides his or her way is better than another human being, or that some humans or animals are more important than others; we experience the pride and arrogance that separates us as a nation.

Let’s forget about what separates us in politics for just a moment to recognize how the entire world is polarized to be better than, smarter than, and stronger than all of the other nations in the world. We are led to believe that the reason we “must” be stronger is for safety. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Yes, we need to stop dictators like Kim Yawn OOOn and any other dictator from killing and harming others. This, of course, takes force. Or does it? What stopped North Korea’s dictator recently from continuing to test his powerful death missiles seems to be a recent meeting of minds. What exactly was exchanged in that meeting between Pompeo and North Korea? Was it whose weapons are stronger or bigger? Or was there diplomacy used to help assuage Dictator Kim to put down his weapons?

I’d be very interested in knowing exactly what happened behind those closed doors. Perhaps, what we see in the news is a really all a big show or a play that was born of a secret negative society to make President Trump look stronger than he is. NO ONE really knows. If entire countries can think that a chemical attack on innocent children is people creating “fake news” to further their political ideations, then anything is possible in my mind.

How much of all of the governmental challenges of our nation is our personal problem to deal with and how much is your worry and concern actually helping the issues in politics?

What polarizes us as a community and country are strong, organic feelings that result in a combined voice of many. This unification is what calls us to a higher cause. We are not made stronger by polarizing our negativity and our truth to separate us from the rest of the world or society. We are made powerful by uniting with one another for a greater, more durable and positive cause.

I look at the world’s big causes right now and continue watching which ones are actually causing people to act and rise up in powerful oneness. The “me too” and the “children’s gun control” causes are the movements that are revealing dark lies and bringing light into our world to exposes and erradicate more darkness. The movements that separate us like White Supremacy and Religious rhetoric are only making the world polarized in a negative way.

One might argue that each are arguing for a cause and both have a right to an opinion. That might be true if one opinion didn’t harm people and the other liberate those harmed from abuse and murder. But, anyone who has eyes to see can see that humility and power can go hand in hand whenever the cause is just and is to protect the innocent and powerless.


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