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Gray Marriage

Gray Marriage

Yes, you’re seeing the correct words. It doesn’t say “Gay Marriage,” though it could say that.

As we get to the political debates this week, I wonder just how much focus will be on marriage, the definition of marriage, and our profound desire to make marriage a political issue.

Does anyone else feel like I do? Marriage, like religion, is one of the most personal and intimate facets of our hearts. No one belongs in our heart circle, but the people we choose. No one deserves to dictate who or how we believe about it.

Our country’s credo has been based upon the premise of freedom of speech and religion, and add to that equality for race and females for as long as I’ve been an adult. I do remember as a child when African Americans fought hard for equality and also women too. The fight continues everyday, but we understand the concept. We fight for the rights to be what and who we are created to be, and should get equal treatment in every situation.

Yet, politics have found a reason to cozy up into our bedrooms, become voyeurs, and judge what is right for us by a standard that is all their own. I, for one, am ashamed of this bureaucratic bullshit and this country’s desire to make what is divinely personal—law.

I honestly don’t care what anyone else believes about marriage. I only care what I believe about it, because I am the one who dictates whether or not it will happen in my life and with whom.

I understand, though, that law would prohibit me to be who I am and marry whom I choose, and that makes me sad. It would make me sad for anyone I knew to be in that situation. I would never want anyone to be deprived of love or the opportunity for a committed relationship, holding all the benefits and security we all deserve.

Is it time to stand up and say something?

Or maybe we need to just keep it personal and vote. Vote for the individuals who keep us free and at peace with our own choices. Vote for the politicians who don’t try to ascribe laws to us that prohibit personal choice that only hearts should make.

I don’t need to get up and hold a sign today and say: Vote for Gay Marriage. Right now, in America, marriage is “Gray” until we get it right for all of us!

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Speaking Pig-Latin in America

Speaking Pig-Latin in America

Oh-Nay, A-way, OO-yah, ight-may ay-say.

People actually speak different languages in the United States. I’m outraged and mortified. How will I communicate with them? How will I buy from their vendors? How will I listen to their instruction when they try to lead me through the steps of regaining my Internet connection? The road ahead is perilous.

I remember a time in America when all there was were my Italian immigrant relatives living in a small town in Pennsylvania, called Monaca. We all spoke the same language, pigeon Italian. It was easy to communicate. But when we had to learn to communicate with the Indians in America, life turned hard and risky. We didn’t know whether we were trading our pepperoni for corn or baskets of cayenne peppers.

Those were simpler times.

I moved to New York City in the 80s. Everywhere I turned someone was speaking a different language. I never knew what was being said about me. I knew for certain, from the looks on their faces, they were speaking about me. I could just tell, you know. Life felt confusing like the times of the Tower of Babel.

Do you ever think about that time in history? Or do you think it was mythical?

The story goes that humans were getting too smart too quickly. They were building a tower to heaven. Their communication and abilities as one was so strong that they could break through the confines of the locked doors of heaven. So, as a result, God brought forth confusion. How did God do it? Through the barriers of many different languages.

He separated us by breaking down communication. Language is our basic means of communication. So, by creating different languages for different groups of people, suddenly, there was no linear connection with each other, no strong mental community.

What this says to me is that there is a way to reach the heavenly realm. This way is by means of coming together with one communicating force. When we find this, when we put down our battle weapons, we will find a way to rebuild the tower of Babel—which may be a metaphor for the connection to heaven.

I know lately in my blog, I have been speculating about why now are we so connected in communication with cell phones and computers like never before. Why is it so possible to think of someone and be able to reach across the world and see and talk to him or her in a matter of a few pushes of a button?

Because something is on the horizon that is spiritual, and it is huge.

When we realize that all these communication mechanisms aren’t just to take pictures and send them to our friends. When we realize that you are holding in your hand a way to connect you to the vastness of Spirit in God, I think then you’ll realize that we are on our way back to something bigger than we had ever imagined.

Some Christians believe that there is a rapture. Others believe that this is a metaphor for Jesus coming back in Clouds (the word “clouds” in the Greek could mean the believers). Jesus’ spirit of reform and reconstruction and resolution and healing is moving within us, if we but believe.

I see many people leaving the earth at this time. It’s almost as if some are leaving to prepare the way. Others are leaving because they are standing in the way. But soon we will be waiting on a clear pathway toward the light together. Will we choose to use our power to communicate to rebuild our connection to God?

Are you ready to believe that the barrier of communication is breaking down because we are now, as a spiritual community, somehow ready to break forth into a new paradigm of heavenly work?

This Sunday, I truly believe I am.

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A Doobie Party

A Doobie Party

I have a dear friend who moved to Nashville from Utah. She comes from a very white bred family of 14 children—Mormon. As she moved here for the music business, she realized that life would be very different. She first got a job with an insurance agency. Her work partner was a tall, buff Asian man who had a haircut that made him look like a little boy. As she tells the story, “All the older women at work were after him and he needed some advice before he was eaten by a cougar.”

After my friend gave him advice, suggesting her sister, the stylist, for a haircut and spending some time getting to know him, she fell in love and got engaged. She and her sister moved her together and live in condos next to each other and do everything together, including church, which is where I met them at the Center of Spiritual Living, far from the path of Mormonism.

They didn’t realize that everyone in the neighborhood (the cool neighborhood–East Nashville) that they were a bit odd. One day they needed something fixed and invited a neighbor to help them. He said, “I’ve been looking forward to helping the ‘hot lesbians.”

They looked at him with a smile and said, “Where?” We’d like to meet them.

One neighbor couple just didn’t like them at all until the fianceé moved in. After which, the couple invited the lovely young blonde and her Asian fianceé to a Doobie party. To which my friend replied, “Oh, thank you, that would be great,” in her Utah accent.

When she announced to her fianceé that they were to go to this party, he asked what kind of party it was. She told him it was a “theme” party. He said, “What kind of theme?”

She said, “A doobie theme. I guess like the brothers, the dog, the 80’s… Not really sure. But isn’t cool that they invited us?”

Her boyfriend just laughed and shook his head. “Honey… a doobie is a kind of a party that is against the law. You know? Pot?”

Of course, she had no idea and she felt like a Doobie!

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