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Maybe It’s Time to Change What I Believe About God!

I watched a television show called “#Westworld,” that totally took me off-guard and changed my point of view for about 48 hours. The premise of the show is that a creator-inventor fabricated a fake Wild West with humanlike characters that people could pay large amounts of cash to experience a virtual world.

The writer #Michael_Crichton obviously metaphorically wrote a story of creation where each creature that is created and programmed forgets the day before and sets out on a new day with the intent to fulfill the script that had been programmed into his or her body.

However, these virtual characters must react with a new set of “visitors” from the outside world each day, who want to experience things like a old time shoot out, killing someone, having an affair with a prostitute, falling in love, or simply be a voyeur.

The twist happens when the characters that had been used and reprogrammed as other roles in the Westworld begin to self-actualize  and become humanlike.

My husband and I were kind of mesmerized for 24 hours and actually decided we wanted to watch the rest of the first season, when we realized that #ONDEMAND let us watch only the first episode for free and the rest would cost $29.99.  Then we decided against watching. We don’t like to watch a great deal of television. When we do, however, we want it to be part of the already expensive cable package we already pay for.

Long story short, I realized that I had gotten the lesson that I was to have received from watching the first show of the season. I am not a robot programmed to fulfill a purpose here on this Earth. I am an actualizad creative human being made in the image of the creator  but animated by the vast Spirit within, who gets to choose everyday whether I want to be a part of this amazing world lesson.

Yes, I do believe everyday is a choice. We can choose to move toward the light or allow our egos to drive us to making choices that negatively impact others on the Earth or who will eventually come to the Earth for similar lessons.

The majority of the people around us are making negative choices are all around us, being influenced by #negative_entities and operating solely on their egos. We see it in the president and his cronies. We see it in most of our large businesses and factory farms. We we it in the advertisements on television trying to make us believe in illusions more than fact. We often don’t imagine it, though, that there are, in the ether, negative spirits coercing us to move off of the path of light toward a more negative path.

However, if you understood that you could move past this daily challenge of right and wrong to a higher state of consciousness, in a place some call heaven, perhaps, you would find yourself making more choices like the Buddhists, who believe that selflessness is godly.

There was a time I thought that #Christianity was filled with people who were “godly.” But it seems that most of the mainstream Christian folks have turned their back on the greatest message of Jesus, which is to love and not judge others. Christians have become like the Sadducees and the Pharisees of the New Testament. And as Jesus is here today in the clouds, (the people fighting for the rights of downtrodden and helpless) turning over the tables in the Marketplace set up just outside the walls of the church. Leading the rebellion are those who have been abused by people calling themselves Christians, thinly veiled in narcissism, people abusing children, animals, people not as smart as them, and taking advantage of everyone and anything they can for self gain.

I have realized that I have a choice. I have to call it like it is in my life. I once proudly said I was a Christian, because I thought the word meant to believe in the words of Christ. Now, however, the word “Christianity” has come to mean dual-minded and self-righteous and judgmental and greedy. I want nothing of this kind of person. I will, however, maintain my beliefs that Jesus, the God-man, was the perfect role model and will continue to follow in His footsteps, but I will no longer call myself a Christian, for fear I might be lumped into the pile of ego-driven judges that drive the right wing and those fighting for the rights of the “good people” who want the world to be all white.

I want no part of it!

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Releasing the Old

You can put periods at the end of sentences in your life. You can edit what you may. You can sift through all that you have collected. You can throw out or give away that which no longer serves you. But, in the end, what surfaces in your consciousness is what needs your greatest attention and most likely needs to be released.

Moving to a new home is one of the most terrifying changes anyone can face in life. Moving is even harder than divorce and facing a death of a loved one. Moving changes everything in your life. Every single thing!

* * *

During the days prior to my move to Florida, my heart, sometimes, felt as if the world had tromped on it and given it back to me to be revived. I had been travelling the road of moving for three months, and every day seemed to get more difficult.

One day, however, I decided, the difficulty that I had been perceiving must change NOW! Here’s what I did to make this change happen:

  1. I went through every room in my house and put aside, in a pile, every article of clothing, every kitchen gadget, electronic gismo, and beautiful thing I owned.
  2. I made three piles. One pile to give to someone who was in need, one pile to sell, and one pile to store in a place other than my home.
  3. I took down every piece of artwork and released all gifts that were from any exes in my life and sold them to the highest bidder.
  4. Lastly, I asked some friends for help.

Asking for help was probably the hardest part for me. We all must have our rocks that we lean on, once in a while. Three friends came to my aid the next morning to help me move the rest of the large articles.

What this process did was that it got rid of my extra weight that I had been trying to take with me on my move. So much of what I had gathered in my life was no longer needed or even served me. These articles were simply heavy weight that I needed to purge.

This process was ritualistic and wonderful. I laughed. I cried. Mostly, though, I released feelings and emotions I did not know that had been buried into the simple framework of my nostalgic things.

 Don’t Look Back

When all of my belongings were on the truck, my car had been hooked up to the moving trailer, and every last paper had been finalized for the sale of my house, my soul finally let go.

I got on a plane and headed for Fort Lauderdale International.

The following day, the moving truck arrived at my new home in Florida. My family helped me move into my apartment. I have not looked back since.

Life is amazing every day. I want it to stay this way—totally present, exotically rare, and perfectly wonderful.

I meditate every morning and also pray with fervor. I feel the guidance of Spirit with me 95% of the time. During the times of resistance or fear, I use simple affirmations to get me back on track.

In the following chapter, I will give you definitions and guidance as to the simplest ways to pray and the most effective directions to use the Laws of the Universe to benefit your unique life. Always moving you forward, never backward and with the knowledge of God Principles, you will inevitably surge toward your—individual—perfect path.


Please check this blog, and for more information about Bo and healthy living.

Your Friend,

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KEYS TO THE KINGDOM: Threats of World Disasters, Government Upheaval—What’s It All Mean?

For the past 3 years, I’ve been reading almost all of my news, spiritual books, and entertainment novels in Spanish. The last book I picked out sounded intriguing: Tsunami! by Paco Ardit. The novel takes place in 2030 when the entire world had gone from being humanoid to a race of android-types that exist mostly with a form of glasses that see everything on the web that they want. Also all of their contact with people is via this same headgear. The world had gotten so bad that half of the population had moved to Mars. The book begins with a news reporter from Argentina asked fly to Miami because there had been a Tsunami. She tells of her experience in this strange new world and how this devastation affects hers and those remaining on the Earth.

So, when I heard the weather alert from Alaska, yesterday, on the World News, concerning the Earthquake fault lines, which could cause a Tsunami on the West Coast of California, this got my full attention.

I called out to my husband: “Are you listening to this?” David was washing the dinner dishes and hadn’t looked up until then. “There is news of a possible Tsunami in California. Can you believe the strange coincidence of this happening just after I picked up a novel called ‘Tsunami?'”

“Strange. In California? Will it affect us?” David is from Dublin and has only been living in the U.S. for less than a year. His knowledge of the proximity of states is as minimal as mine is of Europe. Marrying a man from another country has opened my eyes to a greater view of the world and wider more expansive look at its problems, not just those in the great U.S. of A.

“We will be okay,” I called out, now totally engrossed in the reality of so many disasters happening. Then the news broke of a school shooting in Kentucky. I had traveled to that same small town where the event happened many times in the past. Then, of course, more news of government craziness and Tweets flashed before me.

My head reeled from the world upheavals.

Almost every night I listen to David Muir’s booming voice on the World News say, “Just coming in tonight… ” His news is either of a climate disaster, heinous murders, or governmental craziness. How can any of us feel safe in a time like this?

Also, in my personal life, I have sick friends and family either being diagnosed with deadly diseases or dying from them. I don’t remember a time when such horrific events have been compounded one on top of the next like this. My heart is full of ambivalence, because, if I react to any or all of it, I feel as if I’ll be swept into a grave and desolate place of fear, from which I’ll never return safely.

I’m sure that many of you reading this feel the same way. We can fight for our rights with the government, but we can’t fight earthquake fault lines. We can give someone compassion when a friend has been diagnosed with cancer or has recently died, but we can’t stop the terrorism that may face us on a daily basis. We are all in this melting pot of cataclysmic events together, what will we do about it or for each other?

This is what I know! There is only One Mind, One Love, One Truth, and One Power active in all of the Universes, God the Good. This One Mind exists in every cell and in all energy everywhere. If I can plug into the truth, even for one moment, then I can see a world where something greater than I has a handle on the world crises, the Earth, and my personal pain. Some larger presence has allowed the negativity to rise up, so that the good will also be forced from its ambivalence and rise, also.

When the two forces clash, my hope and the hope of the prophets—the books of old, the stories in Revelations—all say that Good will Win.

Is that hard for you to believe?

If you’re reading this and you have been on the side of death for too long, fighting with those who need a voice and deserve compassion, then how do you feel about following in the footsteps of negativity and ending up being consumed by it? Can your concern build a pathway to freedom?

As I see it, feel it, and even have dreams about it, we exist in a large web of intersecting ideas, thoughts, and evolution—past and present. The metaphors are all around us, speaking of this like the web a spider spins. Our one thread from this human existence is here for a reason. We are a part of the pattern in this web and are needed to either catch the negativity or to let someone walk through our web and cast it aside as if it never existed. Which side would you like to be on?

Of course, like the spider, we can keep constructing a web (the thoughts in our mind) or we can trust in the strong patterns of the present web we have built in our lives now to protect us, block us, and feed us. Either way, we always have the chance to be led to a secure place in a tree far above human hands and be observant, careful—and most of all respectful to ourselves and those around us.

This is seriously the best we can do. When we meditate (the part of this metaphor that is to climb high with your mind and observe from above) is when we are able to see the biggest picture. When we refuse to look at life through the tiny pinhole of ego, and behave as if we are all one mind, despite color, sexual preference, or even political preference, we can see with an omniscient perspective. The view from here is compassionate and loving, not full of hate and rancor.

From where I sit now, I feel safe today.

Last night, I was a bit unnerved and began to let my mind play tricks on me. I fell from my lofty place of safety for a moment. But, after I prayed with David, meditated, and caught sight of the big picture again, I entered into a place where I can believe again that all is happening around me for a larger reason than all of us can possibly imagine. I hold on to this fact close to my heart. This is the only means to live amongst the evil and in this horror-filled reality.

We, as children of the One Mind, are learning to hold the Keys to the Kingdom, the pathway to creating truth and a reality that is bold and loving. We must stay present and continue to learn, despite the negativity around us.

Join me today in this prayer:

I am of One Mind. I can either create or destroy with my thoughts. I can create love and prosperity of mind and body, or I can let the fears of the few who are in their assumption of power usurp my light and love with their dark reality.

I am part of the One Mind and One Light that is on this Earth now for the sole purpose to shine today!


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