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Why Are We Here on Earth—Part II

Here is where? On Earth

Who are we? We are spirit beings housed in human bodies, living a life (or multiple lives here) to move from a Ego-centric life form to a less distorted manifestation of love and light—polarizing toward the positive spiritually. This ultimately will result in moving to a higher life form that will be less dependent on Negative vs. Positive.

What would this next density look like? Many scriptures and holy writings, and now channeled manuscripts suggest that the billions of planets in all of the galaxies and universes hold places for people who have passed through the challenge of our current life density. These places have animals living in unison with the beings. These places have a common thread of intent in all peoples. These places don’t depend on hard work and labor to sustain lives that manifest more money or more power. These places are planets that manifest love and teach us the higher powers of love.

How do we move towards a more positive density or polarization? The action is simple—live a life that is less ego driven and more actively seeking to be more compassionate, loving, and driven by the needs of the Whole, rather than your own personal desires.

Does having wealth make you unlikely to become polarized to positive? I don’t believe it does, if you are certain that what you are storing here on this earth isn’t about being better or more superior to others. If you are not willing to use your money to help others and help the world become better, then you are generally polarizing toward the negative. This is why one of the master teachers, Jesus, said in Matthew 19:

22When the young man heard this, he went away in sorrow, because he had great wealth. 23Then Jesus said to His disciples, “Truly I tell you, it is difficult for a rich man to enter thekingdom of heaven. 24Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.”…

What is the best way to daily move toward a more positive polarization on Earth? Meditation, yoga, activities that would harm none and open your heart to receive the gifts of wisdom and truth from the angelic entities all around you. I, personally, believe that veganism is one of those channels; specifically, because it harms no animal to gain nutrition. When you choose bloodshed of an innocent creature, this is very hard to justify in the subconscious mind where all distortion (positive and negative) is held.

Any questions from this course can be placed in the comment section of this blog. Also, if you are looking for a book or books that can help you on this Metaphysical Spiritual path, my last two books could be a choice for you.

Your New Story, Your New Life. The Metaphysical Mind.

Angel Feast: A Vegan Diet for a New Earth

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Finding Home Base—Finding LOVE!

No matter who you are and how much you like your alone time, in each one of us we have DNA that longs to be in the arms of someone loving or feel safe in the arms of something tangible. Many of us seek to get this same feeling from food, expensive things, sexual encounters, and the like. However, nothing really meets our expectation more than someone (even if it’s a best friend or family member) who loves us for exactly who we are.

The reason why some of us try to cram loads of fattening food down our throas is for the simple reason that trying to find that someone has not been successful in the past. Also, it may be that you have been lazy about taking care of your body, and you simply don’t believe that you could ever attract someone to you looking and feeling the way you do. This is so not the case.

The fact is that there are far more people who are NOT in good shape than there are people who are smoking hot. I’d say that only about 5% of people are satisfied with the way they look. Most are not.

So, then, why are we so afraid to find someone in the same place that we are? Do we not believe that simply because you lust after the person that is way out of your league that everyone is like this?

I would venture to guess that many men and women would be thrilled to be with someone just like you! If you only believed this truth in your own soul, you’d probably find that person.

I once sat next to a great couple at a fundraiser for the Public Library. The wife was on the board of directors, vivacious and sweet, but very overweight. The husband was what I call a muscle mutt, stunningly attractive. But he only had eyes for her. I assumed that they had probably been married for a long time and that maybe she was thin when they had met. Not true. They had only been married for 2 years. Saw the wedding pics. She was the same weight when they got married.

It was in that moment I realized there is simply someone for everyone. The muscle mutt man wasn’t so brilliant as his wife. He was more the fixer-type. I could see immediately that he needed her expertise and wisdom as much as she probably enjoyed having a hottie to hold on to during this beautiful occasion. Like doesn’t always attract like.

I’m not saying, either, that we should look for people who lack what we have. I’m saying that you should love yourself and believe that who are is a Spirit made of love and light. The rest will follow. Who you attract will be dependent upon how much love you want to give out in your life and how open your heart is.

Trust me, I have attracted a lot of losers in my life because of my loving spirit. We must also have a great amount of wisdom when it comes to who we invite into our lives.

What you must look for in a partner:

1. Trustworthiness

2. A Sense of Security

3. Neither Avoidant or Needy

4. On the same path spiritually with you

5. Having space and time for you; and of course

6. Is authentic and secure with his or her life.

The above is an idealistic list. You always sow the seeds of your highest expectation in the supreme consciousness, then God begins to grow the plant. We can only sow the seeds and continue to believe by acting “as if” we are already ready for our dream to come true. Spirit does the rest. This is true in the earth as we sow seeds into the fertile soil. Spirit shows us that this is an example of how the law of attraction works.

We can only water the seed of our dream and wait. We can’t overwater and pull up the plants out of the ground.

Remember: today that your dreams are about to happen when you believe with your entire heart that the possibilities of the universe are endless.

Read more about fulfilling your destiny and changing your life with the right prayers and belief in my latest book: Your New Story, Your New Life.

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Creating a Life Worth Living Series #4, by Bo Sebastian

The Results of Old Thoughts

Old thoughts that live inside of your brain turn ideas—bad or good—into what is currently going on in your life. So, when anything happens to you, in a moment, your brain infuses the new experience with your old attachment to it. Then, you respond and react.

For instance, you may be in a loving relationship, right now. But after your brain infuses your anxiously-attached past with loving actions, you may become insecure, even in the arms of someone holding you.

Another example: You may have a perfectly good evening out with friends. But, your brain has a fearful moment, coming from a time when you had been rejected. So, after your brain infuses this old experience with what is currently happening, you may end up sitting in the corner by yourself, feeling unworthy and unliked.

What takes more precedence about anything going on in your life, right now, is what you think about it.

Updating Your Mind

Continuing with our computer metaphor: If the monitor is not turned on, the computer of your brain cannot show you the stored information therein. So, we must begin by turning on the monitor. This happens in meditation.

In meditation you separate your current ideas from the ones dwelling in your humanness—brain and body. This creates a window to the brain, like the computer monitor, allowing you to self-reflect.

Then, if a thought does not line-up with what you believe about yourself, you will know that you must UPDATE that old thought or pathway.

You must stand apart from the Old Story to see what needs changing in the mainframe of your brain.

Your brain may need a major update to coincide with your current lifestyle, thoughts about yourself, and your beliefs. This is much like updating your computer with the newest software, so that the current programs on your computer will run smoothly.

* * *

In the coming pages you will begin a courageous walk that will completely change your mind about life. You will gain the power to UPDATE THOSE OLD THOUGHTS stored in your mind.

Though, in theory, this all sounds psychological; the practice of changing your thoughts depends a great deal on your self-reflection and, ultimately, your ability to apply Spiritual Principle to your problems.

A malfunction in your physical brain may affect interpersonal relationships, your relationship to your job, and your relationship to yourself—based on traumatic or insecure-attachment events in the developmental stages of childhood. As I said in the past section, this disorder may incline you to respond in one way to a situation, even though the circumstance may well deserve a different response.

In other words, situations that mirror an old event from your childhood, may cause a misfire if you do not consider the idea of Updating Your Mental Software with immutable, sound Spiritual Law.

When you have misfires in your brain, what you see on the monitor of your life is much different than what you imagine should exist from the actions you take and reactions to your life’s situations.

These conflicting thoughts can be very confusing and cause you to be insecure and anxious about life, in general.

When what appears on the monitor of your life is actually a triggered response or an instinctual reaction—a fight or flight human reaction—you begin to mistrust your own mind to make the correct and just decisions.

Because of this misappropriation and confusing network of thoughts and information filtering all of your life through the past, you have to do some basic work to discover what thoughts and ideas have been imposed upon you, and which of these thought-triggers need to be erased and changed.

Definition: Subconscious is the part of your mind that is beneath your conscious reasoning, the undercurrent of your belief system, and the storage center for the past.

Note: I will use the term subconscious only to refer to the working patterns of the human brain. I purposely intend not to confuse the word MIND with the word BRAIN. The two are vastly different.

The mind is infinite; the brain is human.

Continue with me in this series or go back to the beginning on this blog. You can also go to my books on Amazon,, my vegan blog or my YouTube Channel for meditations and further instruction.


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