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The New Stage of Human Development… What’s next?

From the annals of the bible, the “Book of Revelations,” and now some true channelers of the Ra group (like the wonder of Edgar Cayce), we all know that we are on the cusp of something cataclysmic. We can see it in the condition of Earth crying out from its molten core, or the washing and blowing away 0f all that seeks to abuse it, and consuming what’s left with conflagration, it seems.

We can see this same storm forming in the children, who are so much more aware and intelligent than we ever were, now crying out for social justice because the adults have either lost their fight or don’t have the courage. It’s as if the children came to this world for the prime purpose to set consciousness on fire.

We can see change in the government vs. the people—who is fighting for what’s right with consistent cries from unjust behavior and now demanding justice, truth, and transparency!

What steps are we all willing to take next to draw us to a totally new paradigm in which the lion lays with the lamb? 

Are we seeing in the world arena a shaking up of power as in “The Book of Revelations”? Do you have absolutely no idea what will come next? Or are you seeing that all that stirs and can be shaken will eventually collapse? What camp are you settling into or are you still on the fence, carefully trying to balance your life as you once knew it?

I ponder these thoughts daily. I ask my nieces and nephews how they feel when they go to school. Are they frightened? Do they feel that what they see on the news in something that they might experience? I want to know their hearts.

I was a life coach and minister for so long that asking the hard questions to anyone I know is my duty. People should not live their lives asleep or afraid or simply in a cyclical pattern similar to what you see on the television program “Westworld.” We are not robots. We are consciousness embodied in human casing that has a purpose. Finding that purpose is so important at this point of our lives.

I urge all that are reading this to take some contemplative time everyday. Don’t be afraid of the silence. Let is draw you in and lead you to your next steps in life. You will feel as I do—a newness of thought and wonder—a sensation of excitement for what will happen next; instead of fearing the next moment, the next month’s bills, and dying from diseases you probably brought upon yourself from eating what has been fed to you.

We must wake up to all that scares us. What exactly are we frightened of? If you believe in a benevolent Spirit, what could be more contraindicating then being afraid when you believe that the result of world will end in peace and will always draw us back to love. But you must be awake to see!

Being awake cannot happen unless you spend time moving past the confines of the body and move into a meditative place. These moments will clear your mind, inspire you to new truth, and also recharge your physical and mental batteries that are so depleted from all the chaos all around us each day.

If you need some help with learning to meditate, you can read my book on meditation; you can go on YouTube and listen to some of my meditations and work with them to begin to understand how to get to the place of quiet, or you can find someone like me to help you learn the process. It’s a practice. It is like taking your first yoga class. You can’t expect to put your palms to the floor when you haven’t bent over in 20 years.

You will be amazed at how even 5 minutes of silence will change your life! I think of this time as swimming underwater. The outside world silences and the universal love that awaits all of us stands waiting at the door of an underwater cave from which you emerge able to breathe new life.

Join me in a meditation if you like:


Or give me a call at 954-253-6493 and book an appointment on line or in person to open your life to this new paradigm. I can help.

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The Opacity of Human Nature

The Definition of Opacity: In a painting or photography program such a InDesign or Photoshop, the user is able to create the amount of opacity, basically, its level of blocking an object or a color that is behind. For example, if you put a completely opaque picture over top of a blue background, you will see no blue. But if you change the #opacity of the front picture to 75%, you will see 25% blue bleeding through the picture. If you change the picture to 20% opacity, that picture or color beneath it will bleed through to the point where you may not even recognize the picture on top as it once was. Also, the places in the picture that are lighter will be filled with the image beneath it. The lighter the exterior, the more vulnerable to the opacity shift.

In so many ways as humans we have the ability to be completely opaque. In fact, of of us move through life never showing what’s beneath the surface. We only show our human nature and cover 100% of the authenticity and Spirit that is within us. In negative situations, people like Donald Trump can be 100% opaque, hiding the evil and narcissism within.

In juxtaposition to the negative, the positive humans have the ability to lessen our opaque exteriors and let the light and love that is within us show through our human veneer. As never before, humans are realizing that we are not “humans with a spirit,” but “Spirits, housed in a human body.”

As we become more aware of our spiritual core and the purpose within, we can let that purpose, love, and compassion shine through us in places that are most vulnerable to opacity changes, like our eyes, our hands, and our hearts.

We can turn up the Spirit by turning down our hard human exterior simply by our ability to become observers of our humanness.The more we can see the human behavior that we exhibit, the more we are able to control how much we show at any given time or our more loving interiors.

So, how can you tell what’s inside a human being? Is he or she authentic and real? This can be seen only by his or her ability to make the exterior human transparent (by changing his or her own opacity). The more transparent you become to the world, the more the light or the darkness within will shine through.

My hope—and the hope of Ra and the positive influences trying to save the world from turning negative and becoming annihilated—is that when we expose the light and the love by decreasing our human opacity, we will eventually use the magnetic light waves of love to draw all humanity back to Source or God. In turn, we can release the magic power of love into the Earth to draw it to a heavenly, more loving and compassion state.

How do you begin this process in your own life?

Today, recognize how much of you is a hard veneer that must do task after task to stay humanized and avoid looking at the potent, negative changes in the world. Realize you can stay in your own little world and can avoid the terror of the world completely on the exterior. But what about your interior fear? Will it not eventually show through your thinning human exterior? Will your opacity change and shift as you are unable hold in the darkness that lurks within?

Remember, the darker the color behind the picture, the more the colors will bleed through the vulnerable places in your human picture. So, you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders. You hold the peace and security of your family in your heart. You watch the news constantly and wonder when your children will be in the school with the gunman holding them hostage… Is it not time to change what’s inside of you to light? to become a source of positive change to the world, not a negative polarized only by his or her internal fears?

What would happen if you meditated everyday and believed in the possibility of change in the world—the ideas that God and Love could overthrow the worst enemy of humanity? What would happen if you could hold fast to this light and let it shine through your humanity—change your human opacity to 25% and let your authentic, God-self shine through. You plus me could change the color of the world to the light that is within us and allow the Earth to polarize toward the positive.

We could save our planet, if enough of us bend in the direction of transparency.

Become a less opaque human! Turn down the opacity of your hard humanness, and turn up the power of the loving Spirit within!

It’s time to shift.


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Some Lives Matter; some don’t!

Some children grow up with the idea that it’s okay to kill things—just about anything but their own family. They catch bees in a jar, torture them, and never once think that this is life! They step on bugs, catch frogs and even badger animals without most parents ever saying a word. Perhaps, they never see this happening. However, they are never taught that life matters, whatever the form it takes.

“Beautiful: Simply Because I Am!” Art by Bo Sebastian

So, when these same children grow up to kill things that they feel don’t matter or are causing them trouble, the neighbors and onlookers say, “He was never that kind of kid! She was always kind!” Was she?

She or he was always that kind of child, because that child was never taught otherwise. 

Okay, I’m not blaming parents; I’m blaming “the preverbal village,” in general. However, a large part of the responsibility becomes the parents portion to deal with since they did bring children into the world. But parents must  be awake enough to understand themselves so that they can teach a child. This is where society feeds us a bunch of crap by all of the trash and commercials we watch on television and simply believe because we are told to. I guarantee if you show a most people a MacDonald’s commercial with a triple quarter pounder 10x a day; that same person will want the burger and want it supersized.

So, how do we—as a society—begin to change the template of “what sentient beings matter?” This is the huge question today that we must answer to stop the endemic crime spree in schools and in on today’s streets. Is it the guns? or is it the minds?

I believe that guns shouldn’t be available, yes. No question here about that. But guns have to have a hand on them to shoot someone. So, we are back to what matters, who matters? We have no room in society for prejudice, but do we have room for people to choose to kill things simply because they are not like themselves? Are we not teaching prejudice when we say to a child, it’s okay to kill a cow, but not a dog? Are we not teaching the same subconscious message of prejudice?

We can’t choose which lives matter by intelligence or beauty. What about those children who are born deformed or with Downs Syndrome, for instance? What about some animals that are not so pretty, but very very intelligent, like pigs? What about insects that can build intricate castles beneath the earth and carry 50x their weight, like ants? Are any of these creatures worthy of being stepped on or murdered—just because?

We have a “me, too” movement going on that is trying to change the message about women in the workforce and how rethink the treatment of women in all areas of life. I believe that this movement is intrinsically for all of us, though. “Me, too! I’m old. I’m overweight. I’m devalued because I’m a certain color. I’m gay or transgender. “All of us matter!

Now, what about people who can’t speak for themselves, the mute or the ones who are too sick to talk? Do they deserve an advocate who will speak up for them? Of course, they do.

How about animals, like dogs or pets that we love but can’t speak for themselves. Should they be challenged with baseball bats by our neighbors because they dared to cross a property line? Of course, not.

Then, why are we drawing so many lines in the sand about who and what should be valuable in this world? Let’s make a concerted effort today to look at all things, people, and sentient beings as valuable—simply because they are!


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