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The “Poor, Poor Pitiful Me” Syndrome

The Poor, Poor Pitiful Me Syndrome

My mother, and I’m sure lots of your mothers say this a lot, “My poor son… he always has to get stuck with _________.”  And I correct mine every time and say, “Mom, I’m not poor.” She retorts, “That’s right. I’m sorry. You’re not poor. I just feel sorry for you for having to clean up your brother’s mess.” Or something like that.

Our words are the most important, creative tools in our lives. If we use them properly, we can manifest great things. If we use them improperly, we will find ourselves in great desperation. Of course, I believe “out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” So, if you are saying, “Poor Bo,” you are probably thinking Bo is poor. And trust me, I don’t want a soul to think that I’m poor. I want everyone, unanimously thinking Bo is abundantly rich. I want to think rich, believe rich, speak rich, and act rich. Because from the abundance of my heart and mind, my life expresses itself. And if you need help believing your rich, I want to invite you into my vision of myself.

So, let’s start with you and your words and thoughts today. Listen to how many times you berate yourself or speak unkind words like, “how stupid I am,” or “could I be more of an idiot?” or “I’ll never be able to pay these bills this month.” Try, instead, saying, “I may not have gotten it right this time, but I can try harder next time,” or “I’ve got to get back to reading and studying more so that my mind will be quicker and more apt to understand these new electric devices,” or “I know in God’s great abundance, there will be enough for me to pay all of my bill this month and more.”

You will be amazed at how much changing your mind will change your life.

Have you ever heard of Feng Shui? It is the art of redecorating your home with the thought of divine energy taking a role in the process.

In this art, a couple of things happen that I believe really tell the story. You have to get rid of all plastic and fake flowers. (I love that.) Nothing unreal in the house. I had a girl friend who was praying for a man. She had a Feng Shui artist come into her house and said, “Do you realize that all your paintings are of women? You must take some of those down and replace them with men.”

Made sense to me. In Feng Shui, there is one corner of your house for relationship, one corner for prosperity, and so on. I don’t know if it really makes a difference if that particular corner is the one you make for prosperity or relationship. But when you focus your energy on that corner and do something specific to garner energy toward prosperity, such as, make a money tree or type out a fake bank statement with $1,000,000 in it, or do a vision board of all the wonderful things you would love to have in your life; then pray every day that angels, combined with your hard work will help create that money… you probably will out picture financial security. It has little to do with the corner itself and much more to do with the focus you attach to it.

When I was praying for a mate in my life, I put a Polly Cook painting of a handsome man in the relationship corner of my room, also a vision board of the things I wanted in a relationship with a big circle around MONOGAMY, and a wedding ring. It wasn’t long before people were arriving in my life that were fitting that bill. Soon I found exactly what I was looking for.

Your words are important. Choose them wisely. But more importantly, choose your energy wisely. Place the energy of your heart in areas that you want to expand in your life. I’ve watched this work in my life in so many areas, and I will swear by it. I know it works, friends.


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How Many People Does It Take to Be Depressed?

How Many People Does It Take to be Depressed?

Scenario:  Your friend or partner or spouse has had a bad time of it. He lost his job and is having a hard time trying to find a new job. He or she’s depressed, moody, and angry at God. As a compassionate partner, should you go there with him/her?

Absolutely not.

One person in that bad place is enough for any household. If he or she can’t believe in an all-loving, prosperous God, you have to believe for him or her. That’s what a good friend or family member does. You don’t go down in the dumps with her/him. This is different than compassion, when you cry with someone who is mourning. This is standing in the gap for someone when he or she can’t find the faith to stand on his or her own feet.

What you must do as a good friend, partner, spouse, or family member is pray believing that this person is surrounded about by angels working for his/her good. You must see that person moving toward divine destiny, holding the hand of God, wearing robes of satin and walking on streets of Gold. There are no tears in this prayer. You have to be a warrior in your belief.

If you have the faith at this point in your life to believe for yourself good things, then drag that person into your dream. Believe for him or her.

I had a client who was having trouble with prosperity. Everything we did to boost her subconscious mind didn’t change her core belief about herself. She believed she didn’t deserve to be rich and prosperous. So, I told her for one week I was going to pray about prosperity for her.  See her with angels bringing clients to her and money flowing from her bank account. Then, I am going to imagine that I am sitting right next to her in this prayer, receiving the same gifts from God.

I told her, if she couldn’t believe, then I would believe for her for this one week. Things began to change for her and me. It’s amazing what will happen when you believe. And when you believe that another person is on your side believing, exponential prayers moving forward cause greater and greater movement in the direction of change.

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