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What Is a Totem? Can They Be Signs About the Future?

By definition, a Totem is “a natural object or animal that is believed by a particular society to have spiritual significance and that is adopted by it as an emblem.”

How Do You Know if a Totem Is for You?

When I recognize something as a totem is when it sticks out from the rest of the world. For instance, I haven’t seen a centipede for about 5 years and have never seen one in Florida. Yesterday, one crawled right on top of my foot when I was in the bathroom. This, in my estimation, is a totem. I looked up the meaning, which was very significant for me in that moment.

How Do I Find Out the Meaning of a Totem?

If you have access to the Internet, simply search for Spiritual Animal Totem (name of what you saw) in Google or Yahoo Search. Many options will come up. Read all of them, or just the one that seems specifically appropriate for you.

Spirit Guides

I painted this for my mother-in-law. She loves angels and this was to show her our love!

If you ask for help from angels or spirits, you will inevitably hear from them, as they are waiting anxiously for your to tell them what you need and how they can help you build a healthier spiritual life. They are not slaves to humans, but helpers. They will indeed guide you. Just as, if you want Feng Shui to change your life by sticking a picture of a male in your relationship corner, you will eventually bring to your life that relationship.

The Power of the Human Brain When Connected with the One Mind

If we could get back to the power of a child’s mind, we would experience unlimited ability to manifest our Good.

The mind always brings into existence whatever it focuses on. If you think about positive ideas, you’ll probably have a healthy heart, with your blood pressure in a great range. If you think about hate and anger all of the time, you’ll bring about negative people and things in your life, including disease—usually to the heart and vital organs.

This is the entire idea of metaphysics in a nutshell. We are creators who learn (or don’t learn) to manifest on this Earth. If we learn to be like the Christ Spirit within, then we will do as the Christ did—create a better world for ourselves and others with compassion, healing and love.

If we keep ambivalence and negativity in our hearts, we’ll spread bad news and negativity to everyone we meet.

I had a dear friend tell me that he just recently realized how much negativity he had brought into his own life when he was younger. Now, as he looks back to his teens, the only time his life completely began to be positive was when he began to believe that the world could be better for him. If he had continued to believe in his old way of thinking negatively, he would now be on the same spiritual step as he was in his late teens.

We don’t grow until we recognize our own power in body and as spirit beings. When we recognize that we can create a better world by avoiding negativity, negative people, and especially negative thoughts.

I advise that you find an affirmation (a sentence or a couple of sentences that really resonate with your soul). When you find that affirmation, repeat it every time you seem to spiral into a negative place. For a long time I used the one below:

I painted this while waiting for Hurricane Irma to touch down on Florida.


Please go to to find out all you need to know about buying art, working with Bo as a hypnotherapist or spiritual life coach, or about booking Bo as a pianist, singer, or actor. Thanks for your patronage.

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A Pocket Full of Grace and #CandyCrush

Grace is a subject we don’t often talk about these days, because we are more interested in getting certain people convicted of their crimes and removed from high ranking positions.

Let’s not be so concerned with other people, right now. Let’s discuss the grace you have offered yourself lately? In what ways do you administer grace in your own life, besides playing #candycrush?

An Example of Grace in My Own Life

When I lived in Nashville I had a very successful business, which included both music lessons (voice and piano) and a hypnotherapy practice of the clinical nature. I was used to people recommending my practice because of many successful reports from clients who had gone on to do great things in the music department and people who had had complete healings in the clinical hypnosis part.  I had been in practice for over 28 years in Nashville. My reputation and my successes had time to generate return business and also friends of friends would often recommend me.

When I moved to Florida, I assumed that I would be one of the frontrunners here because of all of my 35 years of experience in Nashville.

I understood the circumstance, though, of starting a new business. I have to remember that a long-standing reputation as a successful teacher and hypnotherapist doesn’t matter to people who don’t know you or your friends and family. Their judgments are harsher.

In Nashville I had people come to my practice with high recommendations from producers, agents, musical theater teachers, other students, band members, and recording studies. In a different city, those recommendations mean little to nothing.

Also, three years ago, I had decided that I was going to approach life through a spiritual microscope. I didn’t want to look at life as a business venture. I wanted to live everyday being led by my meditations and by the angels and spirits toward a more fulfilling, prosperous, and joyful life.

Recently, after much prayer about success, I heard a message in my spirit:

“Simply move forward with the opportunities that are set in front of you! Don’t hesitate. Many other opportunities will follow.”

Very soon after this prayer, many opportunities began to come my way. Here is the catch, though: When you ask for Spirit to lead you, you must be ready to be led away from some things as much as being led toward them. (This includes friends, home, some family members, places of work, and places you play.)

Since this prayer, I have gain a few clients every week, but some also leave or dismiss me as their teacher or helper. This is the part that requires grace.  I have had more of a turn over in clients than I have had in years. The people who stay are more than exuberant about the work we do together. However, the people who leave are also exuberant. It’s as if Spirit is saying “no” to me and to them immediately.

Most of the time I’m completely surprised at who leaves, because they have expressed to me how grateful they are and how I’ve helped them so much. Then, a week later, they quit.

I am personally left with a feeling of lack and a hit to my self-confidence.

You may ask: “How can someone who has been successful for so many years believe he is not good enough now?” The truth is in the physiology of your human neural pathways in the brain that are hit whenever you get triggered by an old belief of yourself. Your circumstance changes, but your thoughts and beliefs as you have learned your spiritual lesson should stay the same. But, often, you will find yourself in an old place, feeling depression and remorse.

This is the point of the story!

When you are triggered with an old belief about yourself, you must use every tool you know to keep yourself guarded from the negative thoughts of the past. Keep people around you who are full of positivity. Personally, when I’m not afraid to admit I’m losing confidence, my helpers immediately come to my aid, sharing the good news of “Who I Am” in the One Mind of God. I am  not who I was as a child. This is important.

Self-grace is even more important than you think.

I had an experience of this feeling recently. I took an entire day for myself. I cancelled everything and sat with my thoughts and with the uncomfortable feeling of being not worthy and not good enough. I walked down a dark road to meet the phantom voices of these thoughts. I stared them in the face and spoke my truth to the entities. Then I meditated.


I did this ritual most of the day, by myself, and fully exposed to spirit. By evening, I felt as if I was returning to normal. I was able to let go of the old thoughts completely and move forward again.

Had I not taken the time to be still and recognize the issues coming up, to be honest with myself, the feelings would have been oppressed and tamped down. Eventually, I would have gotten sick from the old, festering thoughts; and they would have manifested in negative ways.

I’m not sure that I won’t continue to feel some of these negative feelings again, but I feel well equipped with Spiritual Fortitude and great affirmations that will keep me on guard for the negativity of the past, if they do return.

We have the power to have GRACE for ourselves. We must use it. We can give all of our grace away to others. If we do so and save none for ourselves, then we will eventually end up disliking ourselves for the sake of helping others.

In this case, you might as well put down your bag of love, leave it on the altar, and walk away from all the good you do. Grace can’t come from a person who doesn’t forgive him- or herself. It comes from someone who understands and empathizes with the person experiencing negativity, even if (and most especially if) it is you.

Then and only then can you be a healer in this world.

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Are Their Benefits to Fear-Driven Success?

I have heard of so many success stories about athletes, scholars and musicians who had gone to the top of their game to win gold medals, manifest world-famous creations, and even win the Nobel Prize because of a harsh or mean parent or tutor. One story that is like a neon sign in my mind is the multi-gold medal winner Greg Louganis, who has gone on to tell his childhood trauma in TV movies and books. I remember standing in a line surrounding a city block to buy Greg’s first bestseller.

Mr. Louganis’s claim to fame, however, was less about the gold medals and more about hitting his head on the diving board during an Olympic competition and the world discovering that his HIV-positive blood was in the pool. This news shocked the world. How could this amazing man who has been so perfect for so long disappoint all of us on the world stage at this moment? Yet, he went on to win another gold medal, I believe.

Greg’s story had never really been about his successful diving. His story was about how neglect, the power of a tyrant coach, and being in the closet during his career had made him increasingly unhappy. Though he was a true winner in all of our minds; in many minds he was a perfect diver; we are all led to the organic story of his harsh past; we have compassion for it. This is the legacy that Greg Louganis gives the world. Was all of the training and torment worth the gold medals? Would he trade the gold for a refund on his childhood?

I remember a boy who was equally traumatized at his age, who had striven to be perfect in all ways to stay safe from his father’s wrath; a wrath that was so harsh that it bloodied his older brother multiple times. I remember a child who hid in the clothes closet for most of his childhood, playing with phantom playmates to avoid doing anything unseemly or bad in the eyes of his father. I remember a boy who studied to get out of harm’s way, not to become smarter, a boy who practiced piano to find a world of acceptance. What did I truly gain from my achievements and my childhood?

I look back at my story, at other’s stories that are similar and wonder just how much I would of a refund on my childhood I would ask for, or even request a different life. At some points in my formative years, I would have gladly taken anyone else’s life for mine. Now, however, I’m of the spiritual belief that all things happen for a purpose. No, I’m not condoning anyone’s terrible behavior. I am, however, saying that sometimes our past, if looked at through the eyes of forgiveness and wonder, can lead to a life of saving others who will be more fortunate than I or Greg Luganis or some child gone astray to join ISIS.

It is true that when someone sits in front of me telling me his story to be relieved of the pain of the past with the help of hypnotherapy, I’m taken with compassion, first. Then, I’m led to “what healed me from that same kind of torment.” Had I not gone to the pits of hell to see for myself then had the tenacity to heal  and seek the help of other healers to help with my regeneration, I know with certainty that my efficacy as a healer through life coaching and hypnosis would be lessened by myriads.

What does this tell me about a harsh past? It tells me that humans are very strong, especially children. We learn to protect ourselves from the worst of evils only to tell our stories with power and truth at the end—SOMETIMES. We are warriors and will remain among the living to stand guard around others, night watchers as it were, for those less fortunate than the children with loving parents and teachers—SOMETIMES.

I had two clients, brothers, who both studied voice with me. (Yes, I taught vocal lessons and piano for many years as I was growing my hypnotherapy business.) One boy was obsessed with being perfect at everything, even though he had no intention of being a great singer. The other brother was kind, had a soft demeanor and talked of nothing but video games. He could barely focus during his lessons because all he thought about was how many hours he would have playing Pacman or Pacwoman—whatever new game was out at the time.

Of the two brothers, my heart went out to the younger one who couldn’t focus. Though he was clearly needing attention and also the counsel of a professional, his parents couldn’t and wouldn’t see anything wrong with the younger child’s behavior. He studied with me for two years and could barely sing one song, while his brother went on to get the leads in all of the high school musicals, even though a jock. But, had this child not had me to talk to about his misunderstood ways, I wonder what would have become of him.

I still look back at a world that rewards success with a gold medal gain and continues to see mental illness as lack, instead of a disease. Perhaps, this is why so many mentally ill children strike out and kill as they grow older. Few try to listen to the sick part of them and reach into the depth of their pain to help. The children stand in the black abyss of pain for what seems to be forever, leaving the only way out sometimes as death. I would imagine this is also why ISIS can recruit these types of people. So, what can we do? What must always be our battle cry!

  1. We must be diligent to speak up when see something wrong.
  2. We must always be willing to take an extra moment to talk to someone who is trying desperately to reach us mentally.
  3. We must be prayerful and vigilant to always bring light to these individuals, as you may be the only person who can save the world from another grief-stricken individual who kills to get attention!



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