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Opening One Door, While Another Closes

How many times in your life have you let a door close, while you were trying desperately to open another? I’m not saying that the door you were pursuing opened. You simply lost the opportunity for the other opportunity because you were so head strong about opening the door that you had been consistently trying to pry open.

You probably thought this blog was going to be about new opportunity. Well, it is. The subject matter is a little different, though. This blog is about missing opportunity, even though you’re praying and hoping for it, because you can’t get your mind out of your own ego and let Spirit take you to your desired destiny.

There are many paths to the same success. What you have to realize is that not every path is for you. As an actor, for instance, there is only one role for each character. If you are not cast as that character, this is not a missed opportunity. It is an opportunity that you took but were not offered. If you prayed that you would get that role, this doesn’t mean that God doesn’t answer prayer. Perhaps, 1000 people prayed for that same role. How would God decide upon which son or daughter this role belonged to without playing favorites?

The truth in the matter is that Spirit is more concerned about what you learn each day rather than what role you’re cast in or what job you did or didn’t get.

When I get a role in a play, I can be sure that there is a higher calling involved. Something vast and unknown is hidden in my hiring. I know this with certainty. Perhaps, that’s why don’t fret when I don’t get offered a job that I thought I was perfect for.

Maybe, I didn’t need to meet that director. Maybe the person I was supposed to share love with that day was a friend in need. Maybe there is a better opportunity for that day. Or, maybe, I’m supposed to rest that day.

All of these are perfect options for Spirit, who knows the vastness of your purpose.

As you give your heart to the One perfect mind of God, you may also need to give your will a twist to the ear. You must kindly, gently, but sometimes with a little gusto, tell yourself that the main goal of life on Earth is not to be the richest man alive, the handsomest, the most beautiful woman, having the best clothes or relationships. No. Your goal is to be used by Spirit to help polarize the Earth for the coming New Age—for the shift into a more heavenly space here on this Earth, where the lion lays with the lamb and peace fills each day like the sun that shines.

Rather, think on this peace,and your heart will rest today.

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Busted Flat in Baton Rouge!

Have you ever had the feeling that you were going to be flat broke come the beginning of the month when all the bills come rolling in? Have you spent nights awake wondering how you will handle your finances, but still haven’t come to any solid conclusions? Read on.

I’ve been one of those people who never really enjoyed working for other people or having a boss. I haven’t been the best at taking direction with a smile. I do what I’m told, always, but generally feel a sense of anger behind my pretentious smile. I suppose this is because my dad was the kind of man who was a perfectionist and somewhat of a narcissist. This caused me to superimpose his face on every teacher and boss I’ve ever had, making me to be a less-than-happy employee.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a very hard-working and dedicated employee, but I come home with a sense of resentment for the entire process. If this is you, I may have a solution for you today.

My story is a simple one, but it has worked for me for the last 35 years. I started out as a musician pursuing music and singing in NYC. I auditioned and auditioned. I had some success, but not enough to catapult me out of the “need money” for the rent or house note column.

At one point in my thirties, I decided that I would be a responsible adult and get a real job and play my music on the side. I bought a BMW, a house, and had loads of non-artist friends. When I considered that I wasn’t happy with my job, I tended to look at the results of living a life without having to strive every day for a new chance at stardom or a new audition. This choice for a 9-5 job was enough for a few years.

Then, I had an epiphany. What if I began to do what I love for pay in a different way than performance and eventually ease out of the 8-5 system as the money for my own business began to grow? In the initial stages I had to work two jobs for awhile, but that was okay. I had a plan and I wanted to stay with it until I tried to make it work.

Soon I began to be a success at what I did, probably because I actually loved doing something other than 9-5 and having a boss. Also, the idea of taking your own ideas and planting them into your private garden in your head is the perfect way to be a creator of your own life, as you were intended to be since birth.

I began to teach music, so that I could pick and choose my hours, then I would be able to be available for gigs again. As I watched this plan pay off, I realized that I could add other jobs to my plan, just as I could add potential performances. I began think of other jobs I loved and sought to monetize them. I taught yoga, wrote books, started 2 successful blogs with 1 million reads a year. I have done 12 commercials in the past 18 months, sing and play the piano at a very prestigious country club for a great money, and still have time to see the occasional hypnotherapy and life coaching clients.  I truly enjoy everything I do.

I’m so happy with what I’m doing that I felt secure and joyful enough to get married a while back.

Life can be anything you want it to be. You are the builder, the creator of your life. You have to take control and make a plan. If you don’t plant seeds in a garden, you will never have anything but weeds in it.

Choose something powerful today for your life!


Some of my paintings that I now sell for extra money.

“Me & Bobby McGee” song by Janis Joplin: Busted flat in Baton Rouge, waiting for a train I was feeling near as faded as my jeans. Bobby thumbed a diesel down.

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What Is a Totem? Can They Be Signs About the Future?

By definition, a Totem is “a natural object or animal that is believed by a particular society to have spiritual significance and that is adopted by it as an emblem.”

How Do You Know if a Totem Is for You?

When I recognize something as a totem is when it sticks out from the rest of the world. For instance, I haven’t seen a centipede for about 5 years and have never seen one in Florida. Yesterday, one crawled right on top of my foot when I was in the bathroom. This, in my estimation, is a totem. I looked up the meaning, which was very significant for me in that moment.

How Do I Find Out the Meaning of a Totem?

If you have access to the Internet, simply search for Spiritual Animal Totem (name of what you saw) in Google or Yahoo Search. Many options will come up. Read all of them, or just the one that seems specifically appropriate for you.

Spirit Guides

I painted this for my mother-in-law. She loves angels and this was to show her our love!

If you ask for help from angels or spirits, you will inevitably hear from them, as they are waiting anxiously for your to tell them what you need and how they can help you build a healthier spiritual life. They are not slaves to humans, but helpers. They will indeed guide you. Just as, if you want Feng Shui to change your life by sticking a picture of a male in your relationship corner, you will eventually bring to your life that relationship.

The Power of the Human Brain When Connected with the One Mind

If we could get back to the power of a child’s mind, we would experience unlimited ability to manifest our Good.

The mind always brings into existence whatever it focuses on. If you think about positive ideas, you’ll probably have a healthy heart, with your blood pressure in a great range. If you think about hate and anger all of the time, you’ll bring about negative people and things in your life, including disease—usually to the heart and vital organs.

This is the entire idea of metaphysics in a nutshell. We are creators who learn (or don’t learn) to manifest on this Earth. If we learn to be like the Christ Spirit within, then we will do as the Christ did—create a better world for ourselves and others with compassion, healing and love.

If we keep ambivalence and negativity in our hearts, we’ll spread bad news and negativity to everyone we meet.

I had a dear friend tell me that he just recently realized how much negativity he had brought into his own life when he was younger. Now, as he looks back to his teens, the only time his life completely began to be positive was when he began to believe that the world could be better for him. If he had continued to believe in his old way of thinking negatively, he would now be on the same spiritual step as he was in his late teens.

We don’t grow until we recognize our own power in body and as spirit beings. When we recognize that we can create a better world by avoiding negativity, negative people, and especially negative thoughts.

I advise that you find an affirmation (a sentence or a couple of sentences that really resonate with your soul). When you find that affirmation, repeat it every time you seem to spiral into a negative place. For a long time I used the one below:

I painted this while waiting for Hurricane Irma to touch down on Florida.


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