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Maybe It’s Time to Change What I Believe About God!

I watched a television show called “#Westworld,” that totally took me off-guard and changed my point of view for about 48 hours. The premise of the show is that a creator-inventor fabricated a fake Wild West with humanlike characters that people could pay large amounts of cash to experience a virtual world.

The writer #Michael_Crichton obviously metaphorically wrote a story of creation where each creature that is created and programmed forgets the day before and sets out on a new day with the intent to fulfill the script that had been programmed into his or her body.

However, these virtual characters must react with a new set of “visitors” from the outside world each day, who want to experience things like a old time shoot out, killing someone, having an affair with a prostitute, falling in love, or simply be a voyeur.

The twist happens when the characters that had been used and reprogrammed as other roles in the Westworld begin to self-actualize  and become humanlike.

My husband and I were kind of mesmerized for 24 hours and actually decided we wanted to watch the rest of the first season, when we realized that #ONDEMAND let us watch only the first episode for free and the rest would cost $29.99.  Then we decided against watching. We don’t like to watch a great deal of television. When we do, however, we want it to be part of the already expensive cable package we already pay for.

Long story short, I realized that I had gotten the lesson that I was to have received from watching the first show of the season. I am not a robot programmed to fulfill a purpose here on this Earth. I am an actualizad creative human being made in the image of the creator  but animated by the vast Spirit within, who gets to choose everyday whether I want to be a part of this amazing world lesson.

Yes, I do believe everyday is a choice. We can choose to move toward the light or allow our egos to drive us to making choices that negatively impact others on the Earth or who will eventually come to the Earth for similar lessons.

The majority of the people around us are making negative choices are all around us, being influenced by #negative_entities and operating solely on their egos. We see it in the president and his cronies. We see it in most of our large businesses and factory farms. We we it in the advertisements on television trying to make us believe in illusions more than fact. We often don’t imagine it, though, that there are, in the ether, negative spirits coercing us to move off of the path of light toward a more negative path.

However, if you understood that you could move past this daily challenge of right and wrong to a higher state of consciousness, in a place some call heaven, perhaps, you would find yourself making more choices like the Buddhists, who believe that selflessness is godly.

There was a time I thought that #Christianity was filled with people who were “godly.” But it seems that most of the mainstream Christian folks have turned their back on the greatest message of Jesus, which is to love and not judge others. Christians have become like the Sadducees and the Pharisees of the New Testament. And as Jesus is here today in the clouds, (the people fighting for the rights of downtrodden and helpless) turning over the tables in the Marketplace set up just outside the walls of the church. Leading the rebellion are those who have been abused by people calling themselves Christians, thinly veiled in narcissism, people abusing children, animals, people not as smart as them, and taking advantage of everyone and anything they can for self gain.

I have realized that I have a choice. I have to call it like it is in my life. I once proudly said I was a Christian, because I thought the word meant to believe in the words of Christ. Now, however, the word “Christianity” has come to mean dual-minded and self-righteous and judgmental and greedy. I want nothing of this kind of person. I will, however, maintain my beliefs that Jesus, the God-man, was the perfect role model and will continue to follow in His footsteps, but I will no longer call myself a Christian, for fear I might be lumped into the pile of ego-driven judges that drive the right wing and those fighting for the rights of the “good people” who want the world to be all white.

I want no part of it!

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Creationism, Science, and Extraterrestrials—Part III—My Story Continued…

Religion (#Creationism), #Science, and #Extraterrestrials continued to be an intrigue as a ten year old boy, even as I suddenly became the target of much discrimination, humiliation, and judgment. How did I handle the problem of not understanding why I was so different?

The answer lies in the place I went for consolation:

I distinctly remember being faced with mean children, especially older boys, who would ask me to have sex with them, call me a fag, and assumed I was already gay before I even knew it. I never acquiesced to any of their threats, desires, or manipulation.

I stayed innocent about sex until I became pubescent. I had no real sexual drive at 10, so I was not tempted by them. Every girl in the neighborhood loved me and would fight over who I liked the best. The girls loved me, but the boys humiliated me, except for my three boy buddies my age.

I couldn’t understand why I was singled out by these mean older kids. Was it because I played the piano? Was it because I liked to sing? Was it because I was right smack dab in the middle of 4 young sisters, whom they secretly wanted and who influenced me more than they knew?

The answer as to where I took my grief, my fear, my torment and my anxiety is to what I knew as God in my heart. I seriously don’t know what I would have done had no angel appeared to me that night when I was 6 or 7, while I was in my bed.

Nothing and no-one could tell me that what had happened to me wasn’t real. I told no one and therefore no one could dissuade me from believing. The angel didn’t instruct me not to tell anyone. I simply knew that this was my precious guardian angel that helped me in times when I didn’t understand life.  This is the answer I often heard when I would go to Spirit and ask why bad things were happening to me:

These children don’t understand me as you do, my child. They will eventually learn about me—everyone will. The bad they do to you and to others will come back to them—to their bodies, to their lives, and to their homes. No one escapes this law of God. Trust and wait for that day of judgment to come when you will understand all of the answers.

Actually, even though when I look back I am amazed at my own patience at 10 years old, this kind of answer to my prayer kept me at peace. I saw enough of the “mean children” get reprimanded and beaten and chastised for their behavior, so I understood the consequence of mean behavior. I simply knew I didn’t want to be bad, not in the least.

There was a time, however, and I remember it distinctly, that my siblings began to steal money from my father’s bottle of coins in his bedroom. I did see every one of my siblings doing this, and decided this was a rule that could be broken. I did steal some coins for candy, and also my brother tells me that I stole his paperboy money for candy as well. I can’t say that I remember that, but I’m told by my mother and sisters that I had done this at a very young age.

My dad eventually discovered his money was missing. All of the siblings were questioned, including me. My father couldn’t believe when I confessed. He didn’t paddle me like he did the rest, but instructed me that this was not something he expected of me ever again in the future.

My dad, though he didn’t understand how to treat a young boy like me, actually was very proud of the fact that I was a straight A student and could play the piano brilliantly for that age. He doted on me to our company and often made me play “The Summer Knows” for his friends and family, which even at my age now is a difficult piano piece to play.

What I want you to take from this is:

Regardless of where you are on your spiritual walk, you too can ask Spirit any question in the silence of your own thoughts. You will be answered, whether it be in a book, someone saying something to you that answers the question, watching television and a lesson seems to stare you in the face, or, like me, in a small still voice inside. You can’t build a relationship with God unless you spend time with and in the presence of the Great Spirit. There are many blogs in my 8 years of writing that teach about meditation. Also, you can look at the end of this blog and find a meditation that you can use to help you understand the mechanics of meditation for yourself. Please do me a favor and sign up for my youtube channel. I am really trying to build my social presence on youtube, so that I can begin to reach more people. Thank you.


Again, meditation is a step in spiritual development we must be on to get stronger spiritual and identify our paths on this Earth. Our entire purpose for being on this Earth is to get stronger and stronger in Love and Compassion. When we make choices that benefit the ego self, we often go in the wrong direction in life; this would include choices that are based in fear.

Fear is not love. Anything in your life that presents itself as fear is an illusion trying to keep your from a God Choice or a Miracle!

Join me again for more of my story in the next blog…

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Guns, Lovers, and Fantasies!

What do these three things have in common: Guns, lovers and fantasies?

They all have the capacity to seize the brain and squeeze the life out of a human in seconds.

Fantasies are generally not considered a bad thing in one’s life. But take an avoidant person and give him or her a fantasy that is unattainable. Watch closely how the fantasy will destroy the present moment in this person’s life. All of the attention will go from what “IS” to what “COULD BE” in seconds. This person will miss many important moments in life and will not stand guard over his or her own body while life passes by with eyes wide shut and focus on everything but the present!

Lovers can give great amounts of love, but they also hold the key to your greatest emotions. If you let a lover control your life, he or she can pull the plug from your energy and drain you bone dry in a second. You have experienced this feeling. You know it’s true and you must protect yourself from this energy drain.

In two short paragraphs I described how assumed benefit can also harm you. This is true with fire arms, as well. I respect that a gun in the right hands can suppress a murderer on a shooting rampage. I respect the fact that a gun in the right hands can keep order in a jail. But in the hands of a child, someone mentally disturbed, or a terrorist; this same fire arm can be used for complete destruction.

The key here is that we must make rules and boundaries for everything in our lives—the good and the areas where caution must be taken. We don’t let children play on the hot stove nor put a wet finger into an electrical outlet; nor should be subject our children to the haunting thought of guns in the wrong hands. How can children go to school believing they are protected when they feel that someone—anyone, including the kids themselves, can attain a gun?

Before our government ever stands for what is right, we must take a stand in our own lives every day. We must call upon our wits, our knowledge, and our wisdom in time such as these and combine this with the ever protective power of God through its angelic forces.

If Jesus said, “my yoke is easy and my burden is light,” then why are all of us carry the heavy load of fear right now?

What must change for the words of the Master Jesus be true? If the government does nothing, will the words of Jesus still be infallible?

These words are true no matter what the circumstance. We had better get in line with the One Mind and One True Love that stands with us in perilous times like these; otherwise, we will not feel peace at all, even though it exists all around us. Here is a prayer to keep close and pray with your children every day!

There is only one presence, one power, and one love active in my life and in this world: God the Good.

Every cell of my body and the bodies of my loved ones here are made of the same DNA of God the Good.

We operate in the protective confines of this One Mind, keeping us safe, using all of the heavenly power of angels, saints, and spirits to help manifest this secure Good!

This is true now. This is true no matter what the government does.

We see the tides turning in the government around the world. We see the good and just rising in power and overthrowing all that makes no sense in this world and leans towards evil.

The light of God shines through me now! I stand strong in this power today and every day! And so it is!

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