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Scientology and What You Believe

Scientology and What You Believe

Who hasn’t heard all the hype on television about TomKat and Scientology? Last night I watched a very in depth look at Scientology. The truth is, the religion itself is more a psychological profiling that tries to repress the part of the brain that thinks negative thoughts and keep you in the part of the brain that only thinks positive thoughts. That’s what I got out of it.

The machines they use look like BioFeedback Machines are all meant to help you understand what is holding you back from your true joy. The auditors are there to keep you looking at what you are afraid of and face it, to move forward from it. It is everything that we all want in our life. EXCEPT, we don’t want it to be a religion. And we don’t want to be forced to make those decisions for ourselves on a day to day basis.

I wonder if the writer of the book “Dianetics,” Ron Hubbard, really wanted the outcome of his book to be a religion. I believe the reason this religion scares us, is it looks so much like a cult. Once you are in, they go searching for you and try to pull you back in. They use your family members to try and coerce you. They ostracize you.

But, I’ll tell you, some of our more traditional religions are now using some of the same tactics when it comes to things like gay marriage and Prolife. If you don’t believe in their point of view, you are banned from the church. This, to me, looks rather cultish. When did churches retain the right to tell us how to think?

When we take our rights away as individuals to have a point of view that is all our own, we are always dancing with the idea that we are playing with cultish behavior. Don’t ever let someone tell you how to believe.

Go deep into your heart and ask God to tell you how and what to believe. There is a peaceful place designed in all souls that is connected to the Great Good that will always lead us to our Higher Self and to God. Our DNA is structured that way.

In the bible Jesus says that in the final days that the word will be written on our hearts. I believe that is happening now. But you have to be quiet to hear the word calling to you. It’s easy to hear the loud preachers and politicians ranting and raving about what you should and shouldn’t believe. It’s rather hard to take the time to be quiet and listen to the still voice that calls us to our highest self and to the love that permeates all fear and prejudice.

Be still and know what YOU believe.

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Do Inanimate Objects Have Energy?

Do Inanimate Objects Have Energy?

My youngest sister once touched one of the tallest trees in the world that was said to be hundreds of years old.  She  said she felt a jolt of lightning pass through her, then extreme peace as if she were connected to the universe in a divine way. She didn’t want to let go.

A friend can touch objects and tell you where they should go in your house or if you should throw them out with such clarity that she can actually tell you the stories that went with the objects. I have crystals in my house that I know hold great power. I use them as I pray sometimes for specific healing. I’m not sure why, but I’m led to them for some reason.

I’ve never been one to ask too many questions when it comes to spirituality and prayer. If I’m led to it, I simply do it. I think the deductive mind can reason away the spiritual, so I try not to get in the way of God trying to move through this human chaos of a brain.

There are many times in the bible that God used inanimate objects to either project spirit or garner spiritual energy. Let’s look at Moses. He had a staff that was magical, to say the least. It turned into a serpent. He tapped it on water and parted a sea. It had some great power. There were times in the bible where oil was used to anoint. Bread and fish were exponentially multiplied. Grape juice was changed to wine. A mule spoke. Why is it such a stretch for God to use something in creation to harness or gather spiritual energy?

Let’s face it, on a base level, everything is energy when it comes right down to it. The energy is slower if the object is dense. The energy is faster if the outcome is light. In fact, if the energy is so fast, we may not be able to see or hear the matter. Which leads you to wonder what kind of world we actually live in. Do we see all that is around us?

If you are not full of wonder everyday, if you don’t look around you and become fascinated with what you don’t know, you are not amazed by God and creation. And if you are not amazed by God and creation, you won’t be pleasantly living in the NOW.

Money holds energy. Bank accounts hold energy. They can hold negative energy as well as positive. Unfortunately, negative usually wins out most of the time. More people are trapped in the negative energy of there bank accounts and have lost their connection to the present amazement of God because of lack.

You only have to pray one prayer when you ask God for a job or for money, just like you only have to order one time at a restaurant. You don’t have to go back to the kitchen and check to see if the cook is making your meal. You know that the order is in, and you wait for the order to come out. It’s like that with prayer.

You may have to do your part in the prayer, such as send out a resume, work on a resume and make it legible and the grammar correct. These are your responsibilities in the prayer, finding you the right and perfect job is definitely God’s work. You just have to set out to do your part every day, and the money will come. Be patient. God’s not going to let you starve. But you may have some lessons to learn, so you better be listening to your heart while you are searching for that job.

Your job on earth is one thing and one thing only: to be connected to the present, to the people around you and to yourself and Spirit. This means you have to be quiet to hear how God is leading you. There is no better time than now to begin this search. Whatever it is you’re going through, God wants you close—needs you close to fulfill your journey here on earth.

Today, listen for the amazing love of God in Everything!

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The Mystical Heart

The Mystical Heart

Most things in life can be explained away by science and deduction. But let’s face it, there are things that just can’t be explained by anything but a belief in something larger than us playing a hand in our lives.

You’re thinking about a person all day, and you run into him or her at the market. Chance or coincidence?

A young Jew feeds a sympathetic German soldier during the Nazi regime. Later in their 70’s they meet again and marry in the US. Chance?

A flood carries away everything a person owns. He finds the locket his fianceé gave him on a far away shore long after she died in the flood. Chance?

It doesn’t matter what your belief, God, Spirit, Something Bigger, Greater, Buddha, Brahman, Gayatri… the fact is, there is something in the universe that is weaving together our lives in a magnificent way. And the fabric that remains is astounding!

All you have to do is watch, and you will be amazed at how many things in life synchronize without your trying. People collide, friendships reunite, jobs lost and then new ones–better ones—regained. Money comes from nowhere to feed the kids and pay the bills. For me, recently, I ended up in a courtroom where I had just taken the picture of the judge for a local newspaper as a favor to a friend. I knew God was with me in that moment, even though the court battle was frivolous and ridiculous. I realized then that the lesson wasn’t mine.

I like to believe that all things work together for the good for those who believe, but the truth is: All things work together no matter what. It is for those who are watching and listening that get to live in God’s grace. That is the only difference. Everyone can live in the grace. But it’s just a choice. God would have everyone live in the bounty and in the grace, but not everyone wants to see and believe.

All of us believers have to be okay with that decision. Some will see and some will be blinded by greed and diverse seductions. But when it comes right down to it, we have a unbiased God who wants all of us to live in the perfect Grace that God provides for all. Sometimes you just have to wait for your friend, lover, partner, family member to see you believing in the right moment to understand what it means to be in the shadow of an angel.

Amen and Amen.

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