Celebrating a New You

There comes a time in our lives that we have to stop looking behind rocks and digging up graves for answers. We must look for change within ourselves instead of trying to point fingers and blaming those around us for how we turned out. The truth is that we must use all of what we have been and are now every day and honor the past to go on happily with our lives.

I went back to my hometown last weekend for a family and a class reunion. Much of what I discovered in the sparsely populated town was a wasteland. When I got back to the hotel room, I felt like I could drown in my own tears. So many emotions came up from the past. I saw my father closing my hand in the car door and yelling at me, instead of tending to my wound. I heard voices of him yelling, my mother leaving me, and my brother sexually abusing me.

But I also saw an old house taken over by a young couple with children. They had given the home a facelift and added a wooden train and swings for the children in the backyard. Yet, nothing could mask the old pain that seemed to emanate from the surroundings.

The neighborhood had changed. What I saw wasn’t reality. The past warped what I saw with my human eyes. The past morphed my vision by taking me back to old pain and sorrow, things I can’t change now.

So, I cried about it and meditated. When I got quiet, I simply asked God to help me understand why I had come back like a dog returning to his vomit. I also asked that I could bury the past once and for all.

That moment helped me change my sorrow into a grief that was like visiting a gravesite. I knew the person I had been wasn’t actually present in the grave, but yet I could honor the passing of those times and that old person everyone called Bobby.

I came back to Nashville and was in a funk for about a week. I sat with my feelings for a while and realized that this ritual I had gone through was necessary to bury the past. I needed to go to the grave and visit my past to actually see that what was no longer existed. My past had been buried beneath a new neighborhood, a new town, and new people thriving off of the old space.

As I lift my head now and am thankful for all that I had been, I realize that nothing I have in the present, none of the knowledge I possess, and none of what I believe to be true and amazing would be possible without every aspect of my past.

It is time to let it go, to bury it, to honor it, and once and for all turn away from all the causes of who I am. As I do so, I am able to look at the wonderful creation God has made and realize that every choice and every turn has been perfectly crafted to help me be the person I am today. Without it, there would be no blog, there would be no books to write, there would be no protagonist and antagonist to make the stories three dimensional and drive others to change.

Celebrate your new life today. Put aside all that made you who you are. Walk forward into your new life now.

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