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Depak Chopra says that consciousness is “the composite of all of the things we pay attention to in life.” In other words, we are only conscious of the parts of our life on which we place our active attention. So, much of life—most of life—is going by without us even noticing.

In, we learn that vision researchers thought that seeing really meant making pictures in the brain—by building detailed internal representations of the world and comparing them over time. “We don’t store elaborate pictures in short-term memory,” Scientist Daniel Dennett says, “because it isn’t necessary and would take up valuable computing (brain) power. Rather, we log what has changed and assume the rest has stayed the same.”

This phenomenon is called “Change Blindness.” Picture the following: You walk across a city street when a stranger asks you for directions. While you’re talking to him, two men pass between you carrying a mirror. When you’ve finished, the stranger informs you that you’ve just taken part in a psychology experiment. You’re told that the man who initially approached you walked off behind the door, leaving a different guy in his place. The first man now comes up to join you. Looking at the two men standing side by side, you notice that the two are of different height and build, are dressed differently, have different haircuts and different voices.

So, with little explanation, you can clearly see that we notice little in our lives. Even worse, if our attention is on something else, such as our typing a text on our cell phone while driving, we may miss the unexpected passenger running across the busy highway. Researcher say that 50% of traffic deaths are caused by not paying attention.

Building a rich life takes painting a rich and beautiful consciousness. Every morning, when I walk my dog, I take notice of the sky, the vastness of the universe, the trees and flowers that are in bloom, and anything else that may have changed around me. I open my eyes and mind to more than just what is important to see. I look for the ever-changing greatness of life around me. This kind of small act, on your part, can alter the entire paradigm of your life, everyday. When you take your consciousness out of the smallness of a task or a duty, you build a picture in your mind that has more actual salient features and beauty than the mundane task at hand.

Even if science proves that we don’t actually see anything around us, our consciousness certainly plays a vast role in our daily outlook. So, we must spend some of our conscious life building a beautiful picture, a Kodak moment, so that our minds can ferret out the negativity and hold on to that which we actually want to see around us.

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